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Jamie A.

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Site design
« on: 19/04/17, 12:45pm »
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the clean design of Happy Meeple. The background is easy on the eyes and doesn't distract from the content, both qualities all too rare on the internet. The whole color palette here is soothing. I like the use of round-edged boxes (like game cards!) to section the content and their spacing is comfortable. None of the fonts are hard to read or jarring. Particularly appreciate how The Daily Meeple is implemented, with the small summary box and opening to full page. The website overall has a warm feeling about it. Really well done.

Jimmy V.

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Re: Site design
« Reply #1 on: 21/04/17, 03:43pm »

You can't imagine how much your message means to us. We have worked very hard over the years to improve things bit by bit. So it is very nice to see that some people appreciate this.

This said, we still receive complaints about this or that. We know that there are still a few teething problems with the user interface. In particular the first few minutes/hours on the platform can be a bit daunting. A few extra messages here and there as well as a bit of simplification is certainly in order. As an example, I think that, for those who know a game, the tutorial will not be mandatory any more. The training mode will be available straight away. Also, restricted access to the inn should be better explained (when you don't have a white meeple).