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I often find myself idly pondering various metrics about how a game played out.  Some of these things could maybe be figured out by the endgame state if only I weren't so lazy but others need tallying in-game.  I assume the game logic isn't open sourced else I'd offer to implement some of these stats myself, but are yall taking feature requests?  Some examples based on statistics I've been curious about:

Level X:
- Total sum of dice rolled over the whole game
- Total sum of "unused" dice rolls over the game
- Number of times you've kicked vs gotten kicked

Siberia Card:
- Number of cards spent (per type of resource)
- Number of "additional" cards spent by playing 2 cards as a wildcard
- Number of times an worker has gone unused
- Number of cards saved per investor
- Number of points earned per salesman

I'm sure there are other interesting stats in the other games too -- anyone have thoughts?

Thanks for the updates!

Regarding 3+4 -- I find myself clicking back and forth between the views like 20 times per turn.  Perhaps I just have a weak memory and can't keep everything in mind, but the upcoming cards form the entire strategic aspect to the game, so I feel they should absolutely be on screen all the time.  Especially when trying to place your current card, knowing what you will likely place next is particularly relevant.

Also regarding 2 -- Not having the scoring visible just makes turns take longer as I tally up the score myself to make plans if I'm trying to play well, or encourages me to play randomly if I don't want to take too long.  If the goal is to be strategic, suspense doesn't add (removes) value.  Given that there's a money challenge to playing well, it seems like competitive play is encouraged, and so having visible real-time score would make actual games faster / better.

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