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Just from my point of view, I can tell such disconnects don't happen for me. That doesn't mean they don't happen at all, but I've got no problems.

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 ETS and Firefox in the respective recent version, currently 100.0.2.
Furthermore, yet in the past, I've had no problems, even on a Windows machine.

I guess it's something with the interplay of different clients and your server.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Bug with closed tables
« on: 27/02/22, 07:18pm »
Closed tables are such that are started in the tavern and that exclude arbitrary opponents but chosen ones like friends or special friends. I haven't tested this with the option just providing a direct link.

Tips, polls, updates / Bug with closed tables
« on: 26/02/22, 12:05pm »
I've encountered several times that a (not distinctly chosen) player joined a closed table. It's not only admins but also normal players and happens to all games as far as i've seen yet. It's a rather common issue.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Timeout
« on: 18/01/22, 05:34pm »
If I play such a game and somebody rings at the door, I would have lost anyway, no matter whether I have 2 minutes or slightly less than 1. Furthermore this is a unique happening and not like the groundhog every round.
But if I'm a slowpoke or a super perfectionist, THEN I should play with bots and not bother other players and steal them a lot of time.

The main (but not only) problem is the Cartographers game. There are not even bots. And games against humans last from 5 to nearly 30 minutes of play time, depending on the respective opponent.
And here, the main problem are neither newbies nor occasional everyday happenings. The really annoying opponents mostly have at least the 4th or 5th meeple (if not already the 3rd, 4th or 5th black one) and need about 50-90 seconds each turn. In other words, a match takes noticeable longer than 20 minutes in average. A normal turn with normal opponents will take like 30-45 seconds at max for every turn (well, for complicated tiles in complicated circumstances, it may take around a minute or slightly longer, but that is rare) and that is still enough time reflecting about everything essential.

It's not that single matches or single rounds take that long, it's really irksome that in average every 2nd game is of that kind.

Tips, polls, updates / Timeout
« on: 15/01/22, 01:47pm »
Would it be possible to significantly decrease the timeout per round in every game?
It's really annoying to wait for the slow opponents nearly the whole 2 minutes before they "fall awake"...

My suggestion: Give 4 minutes timeout in the beginning of the game and 30 seconds on top for every new round.
Maybe additional 5 seconds for the faster one every round.
Finally, use min(50 seconds, remaining time) each round.

The games are not that overwhelmingly hard (quite the contrary) to justify wasting 1++ minute each turn. That's absolutely demotivating!

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