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Tips, polls, updates / Bug with closed tables
« on: 26/02/22, 12:05pm »
I've encountered several times that a (not distinctly chosen) player joined a closed table. It's not only admins but also normal players and happens to all games as far as i've seen yet. It's a rather common issue.

Tips, polls, updates / Timeout
« on: 15/01/22, 01:47pm »
Would it be possible to significantly decrease the timeout per round in every game?
It's really annoying to wait for the slow opponents nearly the whole 2 minutes before they "fall awake"...

My suggestion: Give 4 minutes timeout in the beginning of the game and 30 seconds on top for every new round.
Maybe additional 5 seconds for the faster one every round.
Finally, use min(50 seconds, remaining time) each round.

The games are not that overwhelmingly hard (quite the contrary) to justify wasting 1++ minute each turn. That's absolutely demotivating!

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