Author Topic: Manipulating ratings  (Read 2411 times)

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Manipulating ratings
« on: 28/06/20, 05:17pm »
Hello my friends.

A little note for your information.

Someone was manipulating their rating by playing repeated unfinished games against a fake account (games lasting 15 seconds always with the same winner).

This is easily detectable and in that case we do the appropriate thing.

So it is both a waste of time for you and for us.

It takes us 15 minutes to check the account and make sure everything is all right.

It is better if we use this time developing new games and a better platform, don't you agree?

We strive to keep Happy Meeple a happy place with nice players, nice chats and nice games. That's what it has always been and will always be. Please help us in our endeavour!

Thanks for your understanding!