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Marlene -
I'm going to hope that English is NOT your native tongue.
Clearly i posted that the idea of a 'not losing streak' stinks just like something else that is equally distasteful, and that is participation trophies.
At no time did i state, or even imply, that continuing a winning streak with a draw in the middle was a participation trophy - just that they both stink.  A metaphor or simile.
But even so - we have here a 'winning streak', not an 'undefeated streak' (to use semantics).

Though it appears the 'break' may be removed....and selfishly i'd like to see it gone...A winning streak is a streak of 'winning'...not losing, not draw-ing - but winning.  This is why it is called a "Winning Streak".  Uninterrupted.
It isn't called a "Not losing streak".  That simply stinks of another smelly give in:  Participation Trophies.

Rankings, meeples and achievements / "Unique" bot
« on: 27/06/19, 06:19pm »
I am still a fan of the idea that a special/unique bot could be unlocked at a certain rank level.
This bot would be available at (say) +1800 rank in Lost Cities.  It would be (by far) the toughest bot and exclusive to the higher rank and 'open-able' as an option to the player(s).  The reward would be something greater than a +7 ranking for a win. Maybe extra gold, or a magic potion for a time, and a new meeple for first win.
Once a player hits +1800 ranking losses are SOOO devastating to the ranking that i think many players limit their playing time (something they are completely conflicted about - want to play, but any loss kills the ranking).  I think that a unique challenge, something NOT mandatory, but optional to high rankings would be engaging and something to strive for.

Though the game (Lost Cities) is simple enough, i'd say that there are certain understandings, characteristics , acknowledgements that single out 'better' players (whatever that means).

In the above AI explanation, i found this - "Obviously, the program will also recognize the end game and try not to get stuck with all his good cards in hand at the end (as we humans always do)" to be most interesting...

IMO one of the more 'advanced' techniques to be on the watch for (and bots use!), is their ability to grasp probabilities that their opponent has X number of playable cards in their hand.  Given the number of remaining draw cards, the bot may choose to extinguish the discard piles (something most players don't keep track of) eliminating the players ability to extend the match.

I hate when that happens.  :)

Congrats on keeping it fun...
And have you ever considered an even higher level bot (for Lost Cities) that wouldn't be in the regular rotation, but could be accessed if desiring a higher challenge?

Happy Meeple community / Re: Proper behaviour
« on: 21/05/16, 06:00pm »
In all honesty, i feel much like Mike M. posted.
Far from wanting to 'prey' upon new players, i actually don't look forward to seeing someone of a significantly lower level enter my game - and it isn't because i don't like them! :)

As was so perfectly pointed out, there is a ton of luck involved, and losing to a lower ranked player may result in a 15ish point rating loss, whereas beating that same opponent results in a mere 6ish point gain.
Additionally, lower rated players do indeed USUALLY play at a much slower rate, which can result in my losing interest.

So Guest 131818 and Guest 130293 , i'm hoping that your experience(s) are relatively isolated examples and not the norm.
Welcome.  Keep playing.  Whatever happens, don't be discouraged (most here are friendly!).  You'll get better, and faster.  This will fade into memory.  :)

Gold, Magic potion / Re: 2nd Guess & Win Magic Potion
« on: 20/05/16, 03:17am »

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on the Daily Meeple
« on: 05/05/16, 06:36pm »
Firstly, let me say that i enjoy your site and appreciate having the opportunity to play.  I also think you've done a very nice job in the setup and implementation of the games (though i'd love to see Lost Cities as 3 rounds!).
Regarding the new layout, however, i personally preferred the older style - and not because i'm adverse to change! :) - the new layout is simply too large with immaterial information included.
The 'Daily Meeple' box is far, far too large.  I have ZERO need to see 3 lines of my 'successive wins'...i was actually there...and know i won. :)
However, you've also changed how i collect my loot for those wins, and i far preferred the old style where my gold popped up!
I'm also not a huge fan of knowing what my/any friends have accomplished with THEIR successive wins - so i agree that we should have the opportunity to hide both of these placeholders.
Along those lines, the shrinking of what DOES matter to me - the box with the map/castle/inn/market/etc. is now too small and i am personally  far more interested in these features that most anything in the 'Daily'.
While i appreciate you've created a community, where people can gather to play games, compete and socialize...some of us are only here for the playing.  We don't do social media, we don't have tons of 'friends' here, we don't even necessarily wish to interact...we just wish to play, whether against bots or humans.  It is all about the winning (am i too competitive?!? :) )
I realize i must sound like an anti-social miscreant, but for those of us who come merely to play, we'd like some options please.
And again, great site.  And thank you.

dang..would have been so close! :)


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