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Cartographers / Cartographers rankings
« on: 12/10/20, 06:25am »
Are the ELO ranking changes weighted differently for this game?

I know we are getting +6 points for the first 20 games, but I mean something different.

For example, I just lost to someone with a ranking over 400 points ahead of mine, and my ranking was reduced by over 8 points as a result (which presumably means that my ranking would have dropped over 14 points without the 6-point bump). But in other games, like Lost Cities, when the starting rankings are very different, the penalty for the weaker player losing seems much smaller.

Please note I'm not complaining at all about my ranking. I'm just very confused about how it is being calculated.

I'm currently on the 3-spot meeple in Finito. To progress to the 4-spot meeple, I would need a ranking of 1650 or above... which the last few times I've checked, would require me to be in the top 10 of all players.

I understand that top rankings are very different in different games, but I think the meeple requirements should take account of this better.

It's not just about the satisfaction of gaining new meeples: in other games, the number of meeple spots can give an opponent a rough idea of your experience and skill level, but it's quite misleading in Finito.

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