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Happy Meeple community / Re: thanks for a great site!
« Last post by Zachary H. on 28/02/24, 02:05am »
While the gold increase may not have been explicitly mentioned, trust your instincts. If you've observed a rise in your gold balance, it likely did go up
Happy Meeple community / Re: Developing games on Happy Meeple
« Last post by Guest 409564 on 21/02/24, 09:33pm »
Hello! Is this topic still available?
Lost Cities / Re: Average score?
« Last post by Guest 397846 on 19/02/24, 12:30pm »
In case you haven't seen it yet, if you tap the Lost Cities icon and then scroll down you will see the Stats and High Scores button, just above the Rules of the Game button.
That shows the average score across the ratings levels is around 40. There is also that there is a lot of variability in the scores depending on how the cards come out and you and your opponent's style of play. Scores over 100 are unusual but not especially rare so, in my mind at least, a high score would more like 75+.
Lost Cities / Average score?
« Last post by Emma F. on 19/02/24, 06:18am »
I've only play LC a few times.
What is a 'low' , 'normal' and 'high' score, for a single round of play?

Just curious...

I'm thinking something like:

10 pts - Low score
30 pts - Average 'OK' score
50 pts - A high scoré
Happy Meeple community / thanks for a great site!
« Last post by Claudia A. on 29/01/24, 10:14am »
A question for you: I just earned a black meeple 2 on Level X and my Daily Meeple says, "One more meeple! Congratulations on your new meeple! You now have 42 meeples! You can now get 22x Road." But it doesn't say anything about receiving any gold for this. I think my gold did go up, but I'm not totally sure.  Should it have notified me about receiving gold?

thanks for a great site!
Tips, polls, updates / Re: Most Wins
« Last post by Meri R. on 22/01/24, 07:12pm »
Yeah, but you should see the state of his kitchen sink.
Other board games / [Blood on the Clocktower] Deutsche Community
« Last post by Florian B. on 21/01/24, 04:32pm »
Blood on the Clocktower erobert die Wohnzimmer, wenn nicht sogar die ganzen Wohnungen.

Immer mehr Personen werden neugierig und die die es ausprobiert haben können kaum genug davon bekommen.

Dafür soll hiermit und mit dem zugehörigen Discord Server ein Platz zum Austausch über die gespielten Partien, die Gruppensuche (online & offline) und Fragen und Diskussionen rund ums Thema geben.

Hat jemand von euch schon ein paar Partien spielen können? Wie hat es euch gefallen?
Lost Cities / Re: Absurd LC Game Against Bot
« Last post by John B. on 09/01/24, 03:22pm »
Very strange!
Lost Cities / Absurd LC Game Against Bot
« Last post by Nicole C. on 08/01/24, 05:35am »
Botanist gave me most of these cards - Only went for one expedition himself. Caught trying out a new strategy? 😅
I presume you mean "progress", not "process" (?) and yes, as long as you have cookies enabled then it should be saved.

You should find, however, that it's easier to just create an account, then all your information that has been thus-far saved to the guest account will be saved to your named account and then you can also play from any (supported) browser on any (supported) device (or play in a private browser / incognito mode too, if that's your preference) – plus in chats people can address you by your preferred name, rather than a number (or "guest").

Okay, I've just noticed that you do already have an account, so I'm not sure why you would even want to play as a guest, in that case... 🤔
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