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Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on new bonus cards
« on: 27/12/18, 12:15am »
Elehna, you spotted a good way of using the Magic Potion card. Indeed if you don't take card, the same card will come back later (unless you log out). So you can use Magic Potion this way if you like. Nice finding :) We have got clever players on Happy Meeple. 
It would be nice if they could be saved instead of just being used or discarded (if you are logging out just after you get it).

I mean it's nice getting the occasional 1 hour magic potion card... but if I'm only going to be here for thirty minutes that day, it's a complete waste.

Also, because if you leave it unclaimed and get timed out after being AFK for more than ten minutes (which happens to me all the time), it's gone and replaced with a different bonus (at least this time it was a bonus.  I suspect it's random and next time will be "Unlucky").

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL: Daily Quests
« on: 25/12/18, 11:54pm »
Note, in case any devs wander through:  the game in the post above that wasn't counted was Keltis Card and ended in a draw.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL: Daily Quests
« on: 25/12/18, 06:00pm »
I think it was three different people but could be in the same game or in different games.
Then it was bugged as I played 6 games, three in Lost Cities against the opponent, only the first game counted naturally, I then played another game (I forget which one, but it wasn't lost cities) against a different opponent and it didn't count.  Then I played two more Lost Cities games against different opponents, both of those counted.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL: Daily Quests
« on: 25/12/18, 08:24am »
Can we get the Daily Quests to be more clearly worded?

For instance "Play against three players"
Opponents: Humans

Okay, so clearly you need to play against humans, 3 games.  But is it 3 separate people?  All the same game?  3 separate games?

In this instance it's 3 different people all in the same game, but those two facts had some people confused.

I can't really tell at the moment as I've got a few roads and that's probably skewing my food rate...

But how often do we earn food without roads?

And how many games is "Long"?  I'm trying to determine if it's better to just let the gold pile up and buy extra food when I need it, or build roads.  Or even a granary or grocer.

A few more Customization ideas:

Combining two house (on one plot) into one house, combining the the fence portions, etc.  This will help to make things look less "cluttered".

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