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Mac, Chrome Browser
Finito: Was Slow, now normal. I wish the red outline came before the die finishes rolling
Hanamikoji:  Was normal, now fast specifically 3 and 4 cards not showing one side's pick then the other
Lost Cities: Was slow, now normal the light around the cards might be too much for me.
Level X: was normal, now normal
Glastonbury was normal, now normal
Migrato: was normal, now normal The Day Hunter was working on Night Cards not Day cards
Keltis Card: was normal, now normal The card halos are way too big
Siberia was slow, now normal The yellow eye on the cards is too bold
Keltis Or: was normal, now weird the dice rolling is unnecessary.

Finito / Re: Amazing game of Finito
« on: 16/03/18, 02:07pm »
While training today I didn't get the number in the first two rows like yours, but I got the same bunches in 4 in the first row, 1 in the third row, 6 in the fifth row, and the 12 on 20.  I am trying to post the image, but it is too big.

Replays would only be only be needed in games with all open information like Glastonbury, LevelX, Keltis Or, and Finito. Even then in those games I really wouldn't need a replay to know why I lost. Siberia or Hanamikoji for me would be the only games I may use a replay for. There aren't many games with clear if I did this move it affected the outcome of the game because most of the games here have some luck involved. Chess is a popular to replay just because there are open information and no luck involved.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 28/02/18, 08:10pm »
In a Level X thread it was noted:

for Level X, the only game where it has a significant importance, we indicate the first player with (1).

Turn order is quite important in Glastonbury too. I haven't been able to discern a turn order indicator there and it has often been consequential in gameplay. IMO an indicator is definitely needed.

A consistent turn order indicator on each game would be the way to go, whether it's important or not. If we were playing on a tabletop we would always know who goes first.  ;)

(I hadn't noticed the Level X indicator either until that thread last month pointed it out... the font is so small it seemed a speck of monitor dust if anything.)

Also what the opponent last played in all games that are possible because sometimes I look away for two seconds and I have to backtrack

Finito / Re: Option for extended play
« on: 14/02/18, 04:25am »
What you could do is use a random number generator for a 20 sided die then move and jot maybe with pen and paper.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Disappointing Glastonbury
« on: 29/01/18, 08:10pm »
If you are troubled by the AI, then maybe you would just want to train on the easier bots. Training doesn't affect your rating and is less food. Normally, I try to grab as much of my color and the opponent's color and then some spells that will help me in each game.

Are there any daily quests planned for Hanamikoji?

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 19/01/18, 05:40pm »
I was thinking whenever a game ends in a draw between two players not bots could there be an option to rematch without paying any food against the same opponent.

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji feedback
« on: 21/12/17, 06:30pm »
I like the interface, but one thing I would like to do is after I pick an action, then my cards and then I change my mind.  I would like to drag a card over a card, but I can't do that. I would need to cancel, then pick the same action again then the cards I want. It is kind of like the Level X where you can change the dice rolls easily.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: In-game tips
« on: 08/12/17, 05:19pm »
To get more gold you can by earning more meeples completing their requirements. Normally the requirements up to the black meeple are pretty straightforward. Another way is getting good at a game and you earn bonus gold for 3 or more consecutive wins.  Completing the quest of the day can earn gold too if you complete it.  To extend your sessions without having to get the 8 food reward as often I would recommend spending the gold for the wheat field and weeding it daily.

World, castle, market... / Re: Wheatfield
« on: 29/11/17, 08:12pm »
One idea that I have is having an upgrade of King's Favors of a windmill or another natural energy source that produces food as well.

Happy Meeple community / Limit on Getting 8 Food award?
« on: 23/10/17, 09:40pm »
The other day, I was wanting to get more Food visiting other sites and it just directed me to buy more from the market. Is there a limit per hour of getting this?

Glastonbury / Re: Bug?
« on: 28/09/17, 04:37pm »
I was just wondering putting in your primary will be the placement if the point value is the same

Glastonbury / Bug?
« on: 26/09/17, 07:14pm »
Hi, The bot got a IMMUTO card and there was two options to obtain 5 points. Should it go on their primary color or to the trash 1 and 4 scoring 5 points as well? It doesn't matter (since I won still), but I am curious.

Is it Love Letter?

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