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Cartographers / Re: Why is there no tie breaker?
« on: 24/03/21, 12:51pm »
Cartographers has a tie breaker, but they didn't include it.

From the rulebook (via BGG):
"In the event of a tie, the tied player who lost the least reputation stars to monster terrain across all four seasons is the winner. If there is a further tie, all tied players share the victory."

HexRoller / Re: HexRoller - Straight bug
« on: 19/01/21, 02:05pm »
The straight rule wording is difficult to understand and took me a while at first. The order you have the numbers does not matter at all. The highest straight that can be made with your numbers that starts with 3 will be scored.

So for example 7-3-5-5-6-8-4 is a full score.
8-5-4-3-7-3-8 would score up to 5, since you can make 3-4-5 but the 6 is missing.
And so on.

Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 24/11/20, 03:50pm »
I've gotten 10 a few times and all 11 twice I think (all when that edict was in D or A). It's my favorite edict of that type.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Happy Meeple bloggers list
« on: 20/10/20, 01:44pm »

My blog is Derailments of Thought, a little corner of the web for me to review and ramble about my various hobbies. Updating is sporadic and focused on many other things as well, but please check out the gaming entries here (with more to come soon):

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