Author Topic: GPS is the New Version of Finito!  (Read 11288 times)

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GPS is the New Version of Finito!
« on: 09/04/20, 04:43pm »
There is a new version of Finito called GPS! Information on this game plus two others can be found here:

You're launching GPS satellites into space. They need to orbit the earth in the correct order. But your launch windows are limited. You can only launch satellites where the spinner points each turn. It is your job to pick the best satellite for each launch to get your birds in order before your opponents.

How to play:

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Re: GPS is the New Version of Finito!
« Reply #1 on: 09/04/20, 04:46pm »
Indeed. We have published the news in this thread.

Level X also has a new version called Mountain Goats.