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Daiana S.

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Re: Wheatfield
« Reply #15 on: 21/02/18, 11:03am »
I like the lake idea with living fish for food when you want them. I am very unhappy with the wheat field, because I don't want to log on and play every single stinking day! Sorry, but let's be real here! And it's not fair that what I plant is rotten before I can harvest it. Just because I'm away for a few days. There needs to be a better way.
Why would this be not fair? If you dont play every single day, then it does not make too much sense to hv a wheatfield... and it is not real, it s a digital object and makes you stay focused on the screen instead of living IRL. Besides... It does not need to be fair! It s a website with free games. Is that fair? Life is not fair. I understand if you say "I just dont like the way it is, would you please change it?", but quality of being fair (I m sorry for the grammar, English is just my 3rd language) does not seem like a reason to me. Some people have more free time to play online than others. Is it fair? Should the game consider this issue and rank different for everyone? What about people who does not even have access to a computer? Is it fair for them? And so on...
My point is: why complaining when just suggestions make the reader feel better and more prone to "improve" the code?


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Re: Wheatfield
« Reply #16 on: 10/05/19, 11:27pm »
Ah. I finally saw this was replied to! I can tell that you don't like complainers, Daiana! I'm glad we're still friends! Anyway, I've adjusted to the Wheatfield. It is a nice way to get in some extra games occasionally.

Still, I wish it were more flexible (like I could harvest it within 3 days after it's grown until worrying about rot).