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Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 20/05/20, 11:02am »
Thanks to Ab A for hosting and all for participating!

Raging Bulls / Re: Hammer button and OK button
« on: 22/04/20, 11:51am »
Thanks very much. I'll let you know whether I keep clicking it accidentally.

Raging Bulls / Re: Hammer button and OK button
« on: 22/04/20, 10:31am »
Thank you for taking the time to respond to my request. Can you explain what change you made? Nothing looks different to me.

Raging Bulls / Hammer button and OK button
« on: 21/04/20, 08:58am »
I often find myself clicking on the hammer button when I meant to click on the OK button which is very frustrating. The two buttons are the same size and located very close to each other so it is not that hard to mistake one for the other. Is it possible to move one to somewhere else or otherwise make them more distinct-looking?

Raging Bulls / Re: Winning food from Raging Bulls?
« on: 20/04/20, 01:00pm »
Thanks for letting me know.

Raging Bulls / Winning food from Raging Bulls?
« on: 20/04/20, 12:11pm »
When you do well at Raging Bulls you don't get any food as reward, unlike when you win in the two-player games. Why is this? I suppose there's no official way to win at Raging Bulls, unlike in the other games, but it seems to me that if your rating goes up as a result of a game you have effectively 'won'. Is there any reason not to reward players with food if their rating goes up at the end of a game of Raging Bulls?

2) I would prefer to see the scores on screen, it would save me from calculating it myself!
3) It would be great to see the cards simultaneously with both towns. It would be nice to maintain the circular arrangement in this view if possible, though.
4) Yes, this annoys me.
5) It works fine for me.
7) I would prefer it if the cow was always on top and on the left.

Is it Throne and the Grail?

Level X / Is the second player indicated?
« on: 21/01/18, 01:17pm »
I often fail to predict when a game of Level X is about to end (very frustratingly) because I have forgotten whether I played first or second. Is there a way to tell this from the game board? If not, could one be added? It would seem strange for there to be this one memory-based component in a game that is otherwise fully luck and skill.

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