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Cartographers / Re: Best Borderlands
« on: 02/08/21, 04:15am »
I am not very good at borderlands, and I don't keep much in the way of records of games played, but sometimes if I think I did especially well I save a screenshot of the game, and from my saved screenshots I have one showing 8 borderlands without the wasteland with a total score of 131 and one showing 9 borderlands with the wasteland and a total score of 153 (both times the borderlands were Edict D)

People are talking about 5) and 6) but what I am most concerned about is 4). Sometimes the chat at the Inn gets very busy and you just aren't interested in it. Personal conversations I can understand wanting notifications for, but if I close the window for the Inn's chat will the notifications for new messages there go away too???

I am definitely a board gamer. I only started playing games online since COVID. I actually heard about the happymeeple site while attending a virtual board gaming convention hosted by

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 21/12/20, 03:44am »
I prefer to play humans who have a similar rating to my own. I really want to play, I am willing to play against someone who has a 2000+ rating, but given the choice I would choose someone with a 1450 rating (closer to my own) because in the first case I pretty much know in advance that I will lose.

Cartographers / Re: Best Great City
« on: 26/11/20, 06:27am »
You have a simulator that lets you unbalance the draws?  How did you make that?  Or is it something someone can obtain somewhere?

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