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Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 17/12/20, 04:53am »
All fair points. 

My main gripe is that the game ended immediately when the timer ran out.  Maybe some sort of penalty system for slow players or perhaps three total strikes in one game then the game ends would feel less annoying.  But like I said and you mentioned when becoming familiar with the game(s) and actually playing, the timer became much less of an issue.  And to be clear, the games themselves seem to be amazingly well implemented.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 16/12/20, 06:35am »
Necro'ing this thread but yes, the two minute per turn thing is pretty disappointing.  I was trying to teach Hanamikoji and our game ended during the teach.  Once we got going in another game things went along smoothly enough but that hard game end at two minutes is just really weird.

Is there a way to increase the available time with upgrades?

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