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You're welcome :)

Hi Mike,

what happens, if you go to "Training"? I can choose any Meeple there to play against it and it seems to count towards the list.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 25/01/16, 12:21pm »
Hi Jimmy,

I chose "I prefer to play bots." That's because I currently have a part-time job where I work as counsellor via Skype. I often have to wait a while until my partner writes back and sometimes I play here in the meanwhile. When the conversation starts, I have to focus on that. That's why playing with bots is better for me, because I have more time there or I can even quit a game without feeling guilty.


Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 23/01/16, 08:30am »
Hi everybody,

nice to see that we now have a forum here! I'm quite new to this site, I stumbled upon it when I was looking for a place to play Lost Cities online.
As a child I loved all kind of board games, but unfortunately my partner does not play much, and due to my handicap I do not have many other people to play with in real life.

Since I came here first (two weeks ago or so), I developped already some kind of addiction  ;)

The site is also interesting for me for another reason. I have worked in the fields of e-learning in the last years, and I always had the dream to run an e-learning platform that combines learning/practicing with fun elements like mini-games.
I have recently lost my job and now I'm thinking about realising this idea... maybe, maybe...  :)

But I'm still at the very beginning, writing down my ideas, and this site appealed to me immediately, because I like the design and the whole concept.

If Jimmy or someone else of the team would like to share some of their experience with me, I would be very happy, e. g. how much manpower it needs to run such a platform. I also imagine it is not so easy to generate enough income to get around.

However, congrats so far for the nice site and go on with that good work!

Sofia (the E-Learner  ;) )

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