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Title: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 07/03/16, 12:37pm
2016/03/07 - Lost Cities has had a makeover.

Bigger screen size.
Improved artwork.
Better animations.
Expedition scoring details.
Shorter tutorial.

Lost Cities and Migrato overview pages are now available in Spanish.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 07/03/16, 04:14pm
2016/03/07 - Lost Cities makeover corrections.

Following first remarks, the deck is now on the top-right of the screen rather than the top-left.
Also, the deck counter has a white background to make it more readable.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 15/03/16, 12:04pm
2016/03/15 - Sounds on hover and click on buttons

The main menu icons received a little makeover. Firstly the orders of the buttons has changed to make the inn more prominent. Secondly, the icons are going up when leaving the mouse over them. Also they get a little sound at the same time. Another sound is played when the icon is clicked.

Other buttons in the interface have received the same treatment (sound on hover and sound on click)

On the back side, there has been a few improvements too:

- cleaning in the code (deleting files that are not needed any more),
- making of a few sprites (images that contain several images) to minimize the number of requests to the server and improve the pages loading time,
- concatenating and compressing some Javascript files that had never been dealt with. This should also lower the number of requests to the server and pages loading time,

The number of requests to the server and total traffic should be shrinked by about 10%.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 24/03/16, 03:56pm
2016/03/24- Various improvements on help pages

New Lost Cities images on login page (game box and new screenshot of the new digital version).
Modification of an offer (ad) that was causing trouble (video ad).
Slight modification of the frequency of food offers. Most frequent partners will be displayed a little bit less often, leaving more room to smaller partners (like blogs).
"Play now" links on most help pages will now create a guest account immediately for new visitors (they will start playing immediately without going to the login page). "Old" players will still be directed to the login page via these links.
Help pages now have a home link both at the top-right of the page and at the top of the menu (bottom of the page).
The flying enveloppe indicating a new chat message now flies from the top of the screen making it more visible. It will probably help some users see that there is a new message in one of their chats (if they don’t have sound on).

On the back side:
Simplication of code.
Clicks on help pages are now recorded to help understand better what visitors are looking for and find out how we can improve.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 25/03/16, 11:33am
2016/03/25 - Food offers

We used to check that players had enough storage space to store the food that we offered. As a result, sometimes, offers were not displayed when players wanted them. We removed the storage check space. So offers are now displayed as soon as you have less than 12 food in stock. However, excess food will be lost so be aware of this!
Correction of tiny bugs that displayed advertizing on the world map. The ads are now displayed below the map.
1Dludiques link was broken. We now display the right URL.

Back office:
We updated all advertizing tags following a change of system of our provider.
Title: Forum updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 13/04/16, 08:32pm
2016/04/13 - Forum updates

- forum URLs are now rewritten to be more SEO-friendly
- forum titles and descriptions are also more SEO-friendly

This does not change the way the forum is used.

Coming soon: the main menu page is being reworked so that 1) it looks better, 2) it is easier to understand what is going on for new players, 3) it is ready for future developments including the Daily Meeple or the Meeple times, a personalized "newspaper" gathering relevant news for the player (daily quests, friend news, ranking changes...)

Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 05/05/16, 01:41pm
2016/05/05 - The Daily Meeple

Today the big update concerns The Daily Meeple, a personalized newspaper that gets updated every time you come to the menu page.
At the moment, The Daily Meeple contains news about yourself, your friends and the forum. This will be improved over time. Friends recent matches should be added soon as well as a full page mode giving more details about each news as well as more news.
In the past important news such as "Successive wins", "New Trophy", "New Meeple" interrupted the experience in between games which was unpleasant and illogical. The news are now displayed in the Daily Meeple (the most important ones blink) instead. So the important news will still be here but players will be able to choose the moment they read them.

Please give feedback on this update in the following thread (http://www.happymeeple.com/forum/tips-polls-updates/feedback-on-the-daily-meeple/)!
Title: Language automatic redirection disabled
Post by: Jimmy V. on 15/05/16, 02:39pm
2016/05/12 - Automatic redirection to preferred language is disabled

We do not redirect automatically to your preferred language any more. It means that if you stored the wrong page in your bookmarks or if you simply type www.happymeeple.com in your browser, you may end up on the wrong language page.

If you want to make sure that the website is always in your preferred language, please bookmark the appropriate URL!
It can be one of these ones:

www.happymeeple.com/en/ (http://www.happymeeple.com/en/)
www.happymeeple.com/fr/ (http://www.happymeeple.com/fr/)
www.happymeeple.com/de/ (http://www.happymeeple.com/de/)
www.happymeeple.com/es/ (http://www.happymeeple.com/es/)
www.happymeeple.com/tr/ (http://www.happymeeple.com/tr/)

You can still use the flags on the main page or use the flags in your settings to change language. But that will be temporary.

PS: we did that because of issues with Google search engine. Although we offered a clever approach to the problem of language redirection, it was not standard and conform with SEO best practices. It may have caused issues with Google search engine.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 16/05/16, 09:37pm
2016/05/16 Minor tests

Tests on the initial stages for new players
Tests on the display of game complexity
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 24/05/16, 03:00pm
2016/05/24 Minor tests

New tests on the introduction news for new players
Further tests on the display of game complexity
Title: Multiple windows is now impossible
Post by: Jimmy V. on 24/05/16, 10:59pm
2016/05/24 Opening multiple Happy Meeple windows is now impossible

If you try to open a new window when another one is already active but you are not playing, the previous one will automatically be redirected to an inactive page. This will prevent lots of potential issues.
If you try to open a new window when you are playing in another one, a message is displayed in the new window to make you aware that if you confirm the opening, the game will be aborted and lost. This was already implemented.
Title: More info in payment page
Post by: Jimmy V. on 26/05/16, 12:56pm
2016/05/26 More info in payment page

The payment page is now displaying a list of things you can buy with gold coins. This should make it easier to evaluate your needs.
The cost of 1 food (if you have grocery, you can buy food individually) was cheaper than bulk prices (that was an error!). This is corrected.
Food cost in the market is slightly increased, to make it more inline with Magic Potion cost.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 08/06/16, 11:24am
2016/06/08 Language management back to normal

For the last few weeks, www.happymeeple.com was redirecting to the English URL (www.happymeeple.com/en/) for all users. This led to confusion.
The situation is now back to where it was before.
You are now redirected to your preferred language.
If we don't know your preferred language (new user?), we redirect according to your browser language.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 11/06/16, 01:55pm
2016/06/11 Change of communication protocol for some users

The older Happy Meeple accounts (8 april 2014 and before) now benefit from an improved communication protocol between their browser and our server. It is called Websockets. It is hoped that it is faster and more reliable than current protocol.
If everything goes well for these accounts, this will be applied to all other accounts too.

Update 2016/06/14 10am UK time: now all accounts benefit from the Websockets protocol.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 15/06/16, 11:19am
2016/06/15 Improved Daily Meeple

The Daily Meeple gets a few improvements:
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 22/06/16, 03:04pm
2016/06/17 Various minor updates

Correction of a magic potion bug on game page
Paypal payment had an error following Paypal change of format
Black dots wrongly appeared at the end of Lost Cities games in the result zone
Logging more information to understand game freezes
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 22/06/16, 03:09pm
2016/06/19 Forcing resend of moves when there are connection issues

In some instances of connection issues, moves were never resent although we specifically asked to resend them. We now force the resend without waiting for an automatic send that will never come. We also make sure that this is done repeatedly for the rest of the game.
Nota: This seems to have solved most connection issues.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 22/06/16, 03:16pm
2016/06/20 Rewards update

Change in layout of rewards page
Modification of gold rewards
Correction of bug with test games played by admins and Daily Meeple

Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 22/06/16, 03:19pm
2016/06/22 Change of protocol & Notification bar

We revert back to previous communication protocol. Websockets made it difficult to do what we wanted to do.

A notification bar (orange, top-right corner of the screen) is now displayed when there are connection issues or animation freezes. The players are just informed of what is happening. No intervention needed on their end.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 22/06/16, 03:20pm
2016/06/22 Daily Meeple improved

You can now find more information in the Daily Meeple.
Click on the + icon to go to full-size mode and find this information!
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 24/06/16, 08:55pm
2016/06/24 Minor changes

- Correction of a bug for when guest players tried to register. It did not work as expected (for the last 43 days)
- All players now see the game complexity in the game menu
- A/B testing on first minutes on the platform (for new accounts only)
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 19/07/16, 03:45pm
2016/07/18 Houses and King's favours

- Player now earn houses and King's favours
- The more meeples, the more houses.
1st house is given at account opening
2nd house for 1st meeple
3rd house for 4th meeple
4th house for 8th meeple
then one house every 4 meeples
- Houses are customizable. Some features must be unlocked with King's favours
- King's favours is currently earned via meeples, bot challenge and successive wins records
- In future, king's favours will be earned via daily quests too
- Old accounts received king's favours according to what they did in the past

Please give feedback on this update in this thread: http://www.happymeeple.com/forum/world-castle-market/houses-and-king's-favours-feedback/

Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 19/07/16, 04:35pm
2016/07/19 Bug correction and improvement counter

Correction of a bug occuring when placing the mouse over some elements.
Display of counters indicating the number of improvement/houses that need to place on the map:
- one counter on the world map icon in the menu
- one counter on the world map
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 19/07/16, 05:52pm
2016/07/19 Reward help page updated with king's favours

See http://www.happymeeple.com/en/help/rewards/ for a complete list of current ways of earning king's favours.
The page is not completely up-to-date as the text does not explicitly mention king's favours. But at least the information is now available.

Make sure to play the bot challenge as it gives a lot of favours!
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 19/10/16, 02:27pm
2016/10/12 Daily quests

Daily quests are now available.
Completing daily quests is now the main way of gaining king's favours in order to customize the world.
Daily quests also reward players with some gold.

Reminder emails are now sent infrequently to inactive players.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 19/10/16, 02:55pm
2016/10/19 Various improvements

When the Daily Meeple is in expanded mode, clicking on the top menu will automatically put the Daily Meeple back to its original size.

When sound volume is turned off, sounds will not be played at all any more (they used to be played with a 0 volume). This should allow iOS users to play music while being on Happy Meeple.
Also some Lost Cities sounds were not affected immediately by sound volume changes. This is now corrected.

Important changes were made to the way moves are communicated internally between the various components of the platform. These changes will be used in next games. Hopefully those changes will not affect current games. But a bug is always possible.

Game pages don't show players names in the URL any more.

Changes in Facebook login handling to try and solve an annoying bug that prevents some users from logging in (about 1 user per day).

Minor change in the way ageing roads are displayed in warning messages. They did not fit correctly.

Change in the way login page handles wrong password. User email does not appear in URL any more.

Character encoding ISO-8859-1 is replaced by UTF-8 in a few places. Previously reminder emails did not work correctly because of this. Also the correct language was not always used.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 21/10/16, 04:18pm
2016/10/19 Daily quests ranking

A daily quests ranking is now available in the rankings page.

This ranking is based on the king's favours earned in the last 20 days.

Hopefully, one day, daily quests will be extended a bit so that extra favors can be earned for additional wins/plays. For example, if a daily quest requires 4 wins, the 5th may earn you one extra favor as well as the 6th. This would help as a tie-breaker among players who manage to do all quests.

Hope you like it.

Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 01/11/16, 10:13am
2016/11/01 Improved house customization interface

The house customization interface is improved. It should be easier to understand group unlocking and unlocking cost (in king's favours).
Update of the database allowing us to guess player's best team according to IP.
Bug correction in daily quests generation. They were not created in the intended order.
Ranking page message "Select a ranking on the right" is now blinking so as to be more visible.
Reminder emails now sent to all languages.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 02/11/16, 01:38pm
2016/11/02 Easier chat with players and ranking pages

You can now open a chat with any player even if a bubble icon is not available. To do so, click on the player's name to see his profile. Then click on the "Open chat with this player" link at the top of the profile window.
The ranking page colors have changed.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 27/03/17, 03:20pm
2017/03/22 Glastonbury is released

Glastonbury is now live. It is our 8th game. As usual, 12 bots, sound/music (make sure to turn them on), and the much appreciated quick interactive tutorial.
Gold rewards are lowered to balance the economy of the platform. When daily quests were introduced, other gold rewards did not change. We plan to offer free daily bonuses soon to reward you every day. This will be another source of gold.
It is now possible to buy food in 5, 10, 15 and 20 units at a time. Previously, only 5 and 15 were available. Visit the market to see the change.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 27/03/17, 03:23pm
2017/03/27 Glastonbury bug corrected

It was possible to use an ACCIO spell after leaving a corner with a DECLINATIO. This was an illegal move as you can never play more than one spell in a turn. This bug is corrected. The player who posted a clear description of the issue on the forum earned 2000 gold coins.
The 6 weakest bots are now slightly better.
Chat windows did not scroll automatically any more to display new messages (at least on Chrome). This is now corrected.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 28/03/17, 05:24pm
2017/03/27 New messages notifications

A notification now appears in the top-right corner of the screen for any message posted in the inn or in a private chat. It replaces the flying enveloppe that confused players.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 09/05/17, 03:43pm
2017/04/11 Misc.

New link to vote for Happy Meeple
Correction of rules for applying some ads (T2L)

2017/04/21 Reorganization of game page

The game page has a new layout, with a 300x600 ad on the right side. Partner shops links are displayed below. The main width of the game page is bigger (1306 pixels) than before. It is only 1114 pixels wide for games that have a small window (Finito, Level X, etc.)
The ranking page now displays a 336x280 ad.
Correction on the way player names were displayed in the ranking.
Extra ads (T2L)
Modal windows (top-level windows) are reorganized with less padding so as to display better on small screens (request Jamie A.).

2017/04/30 New daily quests

Bug correction: receiving the match history of a player after the profile page was closed led to a (frequent) Javascript error.
We show 10 last matches in the profile rather than 5. Also +5 button is gone.
Daily quests are updated. 7 more daily quests are also created for more variety.
Longer delay (8,5s) before showing Connection issue.
A/B testing #22.
Adding Mensa Select 2017 winner to Glastonbury overview page.

2017/05/05 Responsive design and speeding up

All public pages (login page and help pages) are not working in responsive design. This means that they adapt to the size of the screen (mobile/tablet/desktop).
Massive reorganization and cleaning of Javascript and CSS codes which greatly improves the time needed to load the page for the first time (particularly the index page).
Both changes will lead to a better experience for the visitors and hopefully a better visibility in search engines at the same time.
Deletion of an obsolete line in the news (we cannot use gold to unlock games any more).
The offer page is improved to display better on small screens (request Jamie A.).
Correction of display glitch for large daily quests (10/10 display took too much space, request Jamie A.).

2017/06/14 Lost Cities scoring
The Lost Cities detailed scoring was showing up wrongly when there was an 8-card expedition bonus. This is now corrected.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 15/12/17, 10:42am
2017/12/14 Release of Hanamikoji and Lost Cities bots improved

Release of Hanamikoji, our 9th game.
Improvements of Lost Cities bots. In particular, some of the weakest bots should be stronger and Verboten (the best bot) should be about 30 rating points better.
Food animation at start of game simplified to look better.
Bug correction on new meeple color display in the news. White was always replaced by yellow.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 21/12/17, 03:24pm
2017/12/21 Keltis Ór tutorial corrected

The tutorial of Keltis Ór was buggy and could not be completed. This is now corrected.
We also made a few changes to the tutorial text area size to make sure that Spanish and German translations fit perfectly in the Keltis Card, Level X and Keltis Ór tutorials.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 10/01/18, 12:25pm
2018/01/10 Facebook login working again

Creating a new account via the Facebook meeple (the blue one) was not possible since July 2017. It was also not possible to merge a standard account with Facebook or register a guest account that way.
The bug is now corrected. Please let us know if you fail to do so!
Correction of another bug: the name of a new friend was wrongly shown as "undefined" in the Daily Meeple when that friend had been added via a shared link.

2018/01/09 Achievements sub-page improved

Improvement of the achievements sub-pages. More stats and better layout. Direct link to corresponding help pages.
Improvement of the "New Meeple" news in the Daily Meeple. It now shows how much gold and how many King's favours were earned.
For consistency, all help icons now move 1 pixel upwards when hovering the mouse.
In the player's profile, one can now see our own longest series even without Magic Potion.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 15/01/18, 04:16pm
2018/01/15 Rankings and Profile improvements

A Happy Meeple rotating logo is now displayed when fetching a new ranking list or an updated list of played matches (profile box). This makes it clearer that the request is being processed.
The query for the played matches list (profile box) has been optimized. The time needed to get the results has gone from 1.5 second to less than 0.1 second.

2018/01/12 Game page ad refresh rate

The average refresh rate of the ads shown in the game page has been increased (max. every 30 seconds in some cases). If an ad slows down your computer, please let us know!
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 16/01/18, 01:21pm
2018/01/16 Minor changes

All obsolete links "Vote for Happy Meeple" are now removed.
When sharing a ranking, you share a web page that is not accessible from any other menu. This page was not displaying correctly.
Minor change in a message display (Magic Potion and stats) at the bottom of achievement sub-page. The text is only shown when appropriate.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 22/01/18, 06:33pm
2018/01/22 Changing name is possible - Reduction of the frequency of bad connection warnings

We considerably reduced the number of messages displayed when the connection is slow. The same message will not be displayed more than once every 5 seconds.
Games and Inn buttons are now displayed with a white background and a brown circle around. They are also close to each other to indicate that they have similar functions. If the user has and experience <=4, then these buttons are blinking to make it more obvious to new players that they should click on these buttons if they are lost.
Links to "Vote for Happy Meeple" removed from forum and menu page.
It is now possible to change your first name and last name in the settings. The new name is immediately updated everywhere where it needs to be (chat, newsletter...).
We only require 2 characters for the first name now (instead of 4).
No more requirement for the last name (it used to be one character). You can now leave it empty. This will allow players to use their favourite nickname without showing the first letter of the last name followed by a dot (like Jimmy V.). If the last name is empty, it will be ignored and no dot will be displayed.
New A/B experiment on the login page. Now displaying Hanamikoji screenshot for some users.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 23/01/18, 02:14pm
2018/01/23 More free play

We have decided to give you much more free play. Here are the two changes:

- The base storage is increased from 16 to 20. It means that even without a granary, you will always have at least 20 food.

- We decreased the food cost the 6 longest games:

Level X: 10 to 9
Keltis Card: 10 to 8
Migrato: 9 to 7
Siberia Card: 12 to 10
Glastonbury: 11 to 10
Keltis Ór: 12 to 10
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 26/01/18, 02:28pm
2018/01/26 Daily Quests updated

We have added a few new Daily Quests:
- a few quests with Hanamikoji
- a few more quests like "Play x different games" with x from 2 to 5
- a little more emphasis on Keltis Ór
- a few quests only require to play one match of a specific game
Also, in the expanded Daily Meeple (click on the + on top of the journal), old quests now show old they are (1 day, 2 days, etc.) for more clarity. And quest details are displayed in a smaller font.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 05/02/18, 05:13pm
2018/02/05 Inactive players removed from rankings

Inactive players (no login for more than 2 years) are now removed from the ranking lists altogether.
We worked on the newsletter to correct some errors and make it work as intended. Some emails had been unduly removed from the mailing list.
We now time database queries. This led us to correct/improve some of the slowest ones (adding indexes too). This should result in an overall improvement in the pages loading time.

Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 09/02/18, 10:56am
2018/02/09 Changing team/region in the settings

You can now change team/region in the settings. It was already possible to do so in the rankings page, and it is still there too. But it is easier now and more natural.
Please pick the team you want to be associated with! And find people to help your team go up in the ranking lists.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 22/02/18, 06:26pm
2018/02/22 Get freebies!

From now on, you will be able to see a card at the bottom of the main menu page. This is a chance to get a reward.
Just click on the card to find out what you have earned!
The cards are free and will be given with a very high frequency (although that frequency is not fixed). So check the bottom of the page every time!
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 26/03/18, 06:13pm
2018/03/26 Reloading online matches and updated game layouts

Reloading online matches

You can now reload online matches (not training matches) if they get stuck. The match will reload smoothly within a few seconds (depending on your machine). A move counter shows the progress of the reload. When all moves are replayed, the board is displayed.
No food is taken when reloading a match.
We are now archiving all games. So someday, we will be able to offer the next feature: replay a completed match any time and maybe share it with others.

Game page URLs are much cleaner. They only show the match Id for online matches and the game Id and opponent Id for training matches. These URLS used to be very long and unpleasant.

Updated game layouts

As we went through all games to make sure the new feature was working, we took the opportunity to refresh some of the visual effects and animations. Here are the main changes:

Small sound when moving the mouse over the tokens and squares.
White border around the tokens.
Selectable square in flashing red.
The dice is rotating when rolling.
Small modification of the tutorial.

Keltis card
Wishing stone collection is scaled up then down. It is also rotating faster than before
Buttons are blinking. The Stone button shows a stone, the Discard button shows an X, the Point button shows a 1. This should reduce the probability of misclicks.
Selectable cards (both play and draw phases) are now highlighted with a white circle.
Tiny modification of the tutorial to deal with new animations.

Siberia Card
New animation on resource discovery (vibration)
New eye icon on resource discovery buttons and 1/2 is written on the draw pile.
Men that can be hired now show up more clearly (white circle).
Hired men show up more clearly (blue circle).
Cards played by opponent are moved in and out more quickly but stay longer on screen.

Lost Cities
Active cards have a white glow around them
Discarded cards and main deck show a big white glow around them when clickable.
Small sounds when moving the mouse over clickable cards.
Slightly faster card movements.
Ugly big black shadow around the main deck in now gone.

Keltis Ór
Rolling dice are now jumping and rotating.

Small sounds when moving move over clickable cards.

Faster initial dealing of the cards

Other changes

The "Loading..." screen before any page should now be displayed for much less time, speeding up the access to a new page.
Ads on the menu page are displayed a bit higher than before.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 19/04/18, 05:11pm
2018/04/19 Improvements on Lost Cities and Keltis Card animations

Following your feedback about unpleasant animations, we have just updated those 2 games. We will later improve Siberia Card (and maybe other games as needed).

Lost Cities:
Cards in hand do not glow anymore (animation removed). We think the animations was not properly rendered by slow machines/browsers.

Keltis Card:
Cards in hand have a lighter effect.
Action buttons have lighter animations.
Wishing stone animation is simpler and faster.
End phase indicator looks better.

Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 19/04/18, 05:39pm
2018/04/19 Improvements on Finito animations

In Finito, the unpleasant animations on the tokens have been removed.
The red glowing numbers have changed a bit too.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 11/05/18, 12:22pm
2018/05/11 The platform is now fully encrypted (https)

Happy Meeple is now encrypted with an SSL certificate. Your browser should not warn you any more about data being sent in the clear over the internet. Hopefully, this will bring us more new players.
This is a major update. We had to change a lot of code to make it work. So please keep an eye and report anything unusual. It may be a bug.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 06/06/18, 10:34am
2018/06/06 Siberia Card bug correction

Some users experienced a bug in Siberia Card after a deck reshuffling. Some cards were not showing in their hand (see https://www.happymeeple.com/forum/siberia-the-card-game/bug-cards-not-shown-in-hand-cards/ (https://www.happymeeple.com/forum/siberia-the-card-game/bug-cards-not-shown-in-hand-cards/)). The bug is now corrected.
Various improvements/changes for login via Facebook.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 10/12/18, 01:32pm
2018/12/06 Circle The Wagons

Our 10th game, Circle The Wagons was released with a $100 challenge.
Updates made in the first few days can be found in the thread: Circle The Wagons feedback.

2018/12/10 Indicator of first and second player

A 1 and a 2 are now displayed next to the players' meeple to indicate the first and second player. This has long been missing. It is especially important in Level X, and to a lesser degree in Glastonbury.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 19/12/18, 12:13pm
2018/12/18 Pull-To-Refresh feature disabled

On most of the website, the Pull-To-Refresh feature has been disabled. The Pull-To-Refresh feature allows mobile users (on Chrome Android at least) to refresh the page by scrolling down.
To prevent this, we applied the following CSS style to the body element of the page.
body {
  overscroll-behavior-y: none;
It means that the new behaviour will not work if your browser does not understand the overscroll-behavior property. For Chrome Android, the property is available from version 70.
As usual, let us know if this change has unwanted side effects.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 19/12/18, 10:48pm
2018/12/18 Daily Quests for Circle The Wagons added

New Daily Quests for Circle The Wagons will be generated from now on.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 20/12/18, 11:08am
2018/12/19 Various improvements

Improvement on the loading time of the login page. Images in the slideshow are loaded when needed, not all at loading time. And they are also smaller in size.
The bell ringing when an opponent has been found in the inn and when the game is about to start is slightly louder following popular demand. Please remember that the title of the tab where Happy Meeple is running blinks when a game is starting to let you know about it if you are surfing in another tab.
New Daily Quests with the Circle The Wagons game.
Ad refreshs stops after a while. We noticed that our pages crashed if we left them open for a long time with ads constantly refreshing.
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 05/02/19, 12:19pm
2019/02/04 Team changes

We reorganized teams. There are now 22 teams instead of 30.

Some teams were too small and thus not competitive. So we grouped a few countries together to form stronger teams.

Please note that we are trying to bring people together rather than divide them. So don't be frustrated if there are not enough players from your country to form a strong team and start making new friends within your team.

Here are some of the most important changes:

Central Europe has been created. Benelux has been created. Oceania has been created. Southern Europe has been created.
Brazil joins Latin America. Turkey joins Asia.
India has its own team.
Portugal and Spain join forces.

You can comment on these changes here: https://www.happymeeple.com/forum/tips-polls-updates/teams-reorganized/
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 08/02/19, 01:30pm
2019/02/08 Team chat

Each team has its own chat. So you can meet your teammates and set team targets as you wish. Feel free to introduce yourself!

Admins have their own chat and admin zone.

Offers open in a specific tab for each partner rather than in one tab for all. This allows you to visit all pages later at your convenience with the assurance that a partner will not override the previous one.

Casual Game Insider magazine (https://casualgamerevolution.com/?a=80) is a new partner.

Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 12/02/19, 03:46pm
2019/02/12 Minor improvements on chats

Browsers should not suggest texts in the chat box anymore.
Experienced players (experience >=50 will not need to confirm when they like a message) anymore.
All mentions to Google Plus Network are removed (Google Plus social network is stopped).
Title: Re: Platform updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 28/02/19, 11:04am
2019/02/28 Various improvements

The one-on-one game chat is now always on top of all other chats.
A list of recommended pages are now available at the bottom of the menu and game pages.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 10/05/19, 03:40pm
2019/05/10 Resign button and improvement on replaying with the same opponent

There is now a resign button next to your name. The icon of the button is a white flag.
If you resign, you lose the game as if you had played it to the end. No penalties for that, expect the loss of the game. If you have to abandon a game, please always use the resign button. It is much better than closing the page or letting the clock run down.

The "Play against the same opponent" button has 2 new features:
1) the players are matched automatically. If you are the second player to ask for a rematch, the match will start immediately without the need for further action in the inn.
2) a notification is displayed at the top of the opponent's screen when the new table is opened. The notification will also appear if you open a table for any number of friends. All of them will be notified that you opened a table for them.

Minor changes to the gaming code. Circle The Wagons in particular has been affected.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 26/09/19, 12:06pm
2019/09/26  Illegal move issue solved

We found the reasons why it was possible to make an illegal move. The case was rare but it did happen.
When two human players requested a rematch but one of them finally decided to play against a bot instead, the server actually created 2 matches for the 2nd player instead of one. When the player later played a move, it was sent to the wrong match which caused the "illegal move".
In some other instances, the issue may have been the result of the rare possibility that is maybe given in Lost Cities or Glastonbury to play the same move twice. We are not sure if this actually generated the issue. But we patched the code so as to make sure that this is not possible anymore.

We added some new partners.
Zatu (https://www.tagserve.com/clickServlet?AID=2127&MID=317&PID=455&SID=2621&CID=1642&LID=787&SUBID=) is an online board game shop based in the UK. Some of our players will see their offers (not only UK players).
Philibert (https://www.philibertnet.com/en/#ae14) is our long-standing French partner. As they also sell worldwide, we made their English shop available to some of our non-French players too.

Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 06/01/20, 03:59pm
2019/12/03 Raging Bulls release - a new solo line

Raging Bulls is released.

Raging Bulls is the first game of our solo line.

The solo games offer 3 modes of play:
Each challenge has its own ranking list. If you beat a world record, you earn gold and King’s favours. The more a world record has been beaten, the higher the reward for beating it again.

The white meeple is earned after collecting a few stars.
The color meeples are earned by either collecting stars or by scoring x times a certain score in the full game mode (online mode).
The black meeple is, as usual, earned by a mix of minimum rating plus experience.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 06/01/20, 04:02pm
2019/12/11 More stats

Stats are reorganised. Challenges for solo games are a new category of games (besides training and online). Stars earned appear in the player’s profile.

Click on a player’s name (including yours) to see the player’s profile and stats.

Information about how to get a new belt is now displayed on the menu page after selecting a game. Now you always know what is necessary for the next meeple.

2019/12/15 Various updates

Training games food costs have been reevaluated. Some games cost a bit more now in training mode. There was too big a difference between training and online costs.
The food cost of Raging Bulls online games has been raised from 6 to 7 in line with the average game duration for this game.
We adjusted a few rewards. In particular, successive wins bounties have been significantly reduced.

On the ranking sub-page, a message now explains that you need 5 rated games to be in the ranking list.

We now display personal bests in the profile (only available with Magic Potion). At this moment in time, the information displayed does not yet include past performances. This will be corrected soon.

We had to disable the notification saying that a table had been opened for you by a friend. This caused a server crash, in some very rare occasions, and unfortunately, we have not been able to find out why this happened. Our only remaining option was to disable the useful feature.

The average game durations displayed on the game list have been updated.

Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 08/01/20, 12:56pm
2020/01/08 Raging Bulls improvements

A confirmation box is now displayed after pressing the "Stop" button in Raging Bulls (only in training and online mode).
A few typos in the English text were corrected (many thanks Naomi!!!).
2 new daily quests for Raging Bulls.

Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 09/01/20, 11:49am
2020/01/09 Raging Bulls helpers

Hovering for 2 seconds on the mallet button, the saw buttons and the eraser button will now show a little help message. Let us know if this is annoying.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 13/01/20, 04:46pm
2020/01/13 Keyboard constant pop-up bug fix - Text selection

On iPads and probably other mobile systems, the on-screen keyboard kept popping-up as soon as you posted a message. This was a serious bug.
To correct this, we have reworked the way selecting text is done on Happy Meeple, which was the non-obvious root cause of the issue.

To avoid messing up with the gaming interface, there are limited zones of the platform that can be selected and copied. We took the opportunity to add a few more. It is now possible to select the stats in any profile for example or automatically select some useful URLs with a single click.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 05/02/20, 02:02pm
2019/01/26 Automatic screenshots

Screenshots of the world map are taken automatically when leaving the world. For the moment, this is done all the time but will be improved in the next update (see below). The screenshot can be seen in the profile of the player (also by other players).

Loading the menu page is now faster both on the first connection and after playing a game.

There is an automatic scroll to the top of the screen when any sub-page is loaded in the menu page, as well as when a sub-menu is called. This improves significantly the User Interface on the menu page.

Sub-windows of the menu page now only take the space needed, leaving the world map more visible in some cases. Also a small border has been added.

Chest cards flip faster and smaller.

Some codes has been changed regarding the way the end game is played. It should not have any visible consequence.
Also to permit end game screenshots without slowing down the end game process, we accelerate the end game window animations. End game screenshots are not yet available though.

The general volume is set lower to minimize clipping. Please raise the volume to counter that if needed.
Win and loss sounds are also less loud.
The alarm bell that lets you know a game is starting is now louder. Players complained about not hearing the bell at the start of a match.

2020/02/04 World map screenshots

A screenshot button (with camera icon and camera sound) is now displayed in the world map. This allows the players to control when they take a screenshot (for example when the field is ready to harvest). However an automatic screenshot is also taken when leaving the map, after any change (moving, rotating, customizing).
After taking a screenshot, the URL of the image and the URL of the player public profile (new) are displayed as links. it is possible to share these URLs directly to Facebook, Twitter or via email by using the share buttons provided. Sharing the image URL will not earn you gold if a friend registers to the platform later, as it is not possible to track the player id in that case. Sharing the player profile URL however will give you that benefit. So we encourage you to use it to get your friends to the platform and be rewarded.
The URLs and share buttons will only appear after the screenshot has been saved on the Happy Meeple server which can cause a tiny delay after the screenshot appears on your screen.
If you have never taken a screenshot of your map, a camera icon will be blinking on the map button at the top of the menu page to invite you to the world where the screenshot can be taken.

All share buttons used on the platform only share links as it is not possible anymore to share images via Twitter and Facebook.

In the last few days, some partners links (bottom of the menu page) were not clickable. This is corrected.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 06/02/20, 06:56pm
2019/02/06 Autoplaying sounds

Due to new browser limitations, sounds are not played until the player clicks on the page. Please follow our recommendations here (https://www.happymeeple.com/forum/tips-polls-updates/sound-issues-please-read/msg1765) to allow Happy Meeple to play sounds immediately. This will give you a better experience.

The new browser "security" created a little bug in our code that prevented the blocked sounds to be played even after interacting with the page. This is now solved.

The warning bell telling that a game has started was not always working due to the same issue. It is now played on the menu page before leaving for the game as well as on the game page as usual. So even if you don't hear the second one, you will hear the first one.
Moreover, the warning is repeated every 10 seconds for 80 seconds so that you don't miss it (for those that allow auto-play).

In the process, we found another tiny bug that made the browser unnecessarily send logging information at the start of many games. This is now corrected.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 07/02/20, 06:16pm
2020/02/07 Easy access to challenge ranking lists

It is now possible to easily find the link to each challenge ranking list. There is now a "Show ranking links" checkbox at the top of the challenge lists. See the attachment at the bottom of the post.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 27/02/20, 12:26pm
2020/02/27 Correction of bugs

Some players could not play Raging Bulls in the online mode. The problem will be solved shorty. The recently affected players will be contacted via email.
The alarm bell that rings when a match is starting did not stop in tutorial games. This is now corrected.
The icon on the world map button inviting players to visit the world map could be active even when the world was not open yet. This is corrected.

In the Daily Meeple, only one message per topic is now displayed. This way, the last two topics will always be visible.

2020/02/29 Sound

At account creation, 50% of new players are asked if they want to turn sound on.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 03/03/20, 03:54pm
2020/03/03 Report feature

It is now possible to report a player (for inappropriate words in the chat or unsportsmanship).
To do so, please click on the player's name to access their profile. Then click on the "Report" link at the top right of the player profile window. Then post a message explaining what happened.
See attachment below:
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 29/03/20, 04:29pm
2020/03/26 Automatic screenshots at the end of the game

From now, screenshots are automatically taken at the end of a game (Finito and Lost Cities only for the moment).
The feature is also available during the game (but not in tutorial mode for now). Just use the camera button.

All screenshots are archived. So you will be able to get access to them later from your game history (see on your profile). However, this feature is not yet available. For the moment, you can just use the screenshot immediately and don't have access to it later if you have not saved the image URL or copied the image.

Screenshots have many uses:
- if you run into a bug, we can easily see what you had on your screen and this will help us a lot debugging
- if you have just played a nice game, you can easily post it in the forum or share it with friends over social networks, or even archive it for your personal fame book
- screenshots can be helpful to explain the game to friends and family
- if you are a blogger, you have ready-to-use screenshots

2020/03/29 Update

The end game screenshot animations have been streamlined. The end game screenshot is now displayed in the right column in a smaller window.

We hope you'll find this feature helpful
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 29/03/20, 05:06pm
2020/03/29 Raging Bulls games are now counted for daily quests

A stupid bug caused Raging bulls games to not be counted for the daily quests. This should be corrected now. Apologies.
Please note that tutorial and challenge solo games never count for daily quests. Only complete games (training or online) count for the daily quests.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 08/04/20, 04:26pm
2020/04/09 "Play with a friend" button

A new "Play with a friend" button is now available below the usual "Full play / Online play" button.
This button does the same thing as if you opened a table with the "Access by link only" option in the inn.
It is primarily here for new players who look for a way to start a game with a friend and bypassing the tutorial.

We realized that sharing a link to a table did not give any referral credits if the link was not shared via a social network button. This is now corrected. If you invite a friend to play at your table and they create a new account as a result, you will be credited in all cases.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 13/04/20, 10:59am
2020/04/13 Bonus card reminder

From now on, you will see a little bonus card at the top of the main menu. This will appear when there is a bonus card at the bottom of the page. Click on the top card to scroll to the bottom card.

However, be careful! The card on top is just a little reminder. It will NOT appear every time there is a bonus card at the bottom. So it is better to check regularly at the bottom of the page if you don't want to miss any freebie.

BTW, once the bonus card at the bottomis flipped, you need to click on it again to get the reward (if any).
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 21/04/20, 01:30pm
2020/04/21 Play with a friend explanation improvement

The explanations on how to use the link generated by the 'Play with a friend' button (or the 'Access by link only' option in the inn) are now mode detailed and should hopefully avoid any confusion. Please do not hesitate to use this feature and get rewarded for inviting your friends to play with you!

In Raging Bulls, the Mallet button is moved down a little bit so that it is harder to click on it instead of the OK button.

The registration with Facebook fails when Facebook does not provide an email. The failure is now displayed more gracefully with a dedicated page giving a clear indication on what went wrong.

Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 22/04/20, 06:59pm
2020/04/22 More forum news and ranking improvement

We are now displaying the last 3 messages from the forum in the Daily Meeple (it was 3). When the forum is active, interesting messages can be hidden too quickly and we think it is good to show one more message.

Database queries for displaying rankings should now be significantly quicker. We improved them.

Biathlon rankings are no longer computed and displayed. They were not interesting for our players and took valuable resources.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 30/04/20, 12:15pm
2020/04/30 Various changes

In the game page, the message timestamps were not displayed anymore in the chats. This is now corrected.

In the Daily Meeple, all clickable lines generate a light sound. Same thing in the profile page, links generate a sound.

Guests are no longer able to see game stats and game history. They need to register first (it takes 20 seconds).

Some anti-spam measures are put in place to avoid automated account creation.

Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 08/05/20, 07:09pm
2020/05/08 Screenshots accessible

Your screenshots are now available. Go to your player profile, scroll down to the match history, then click on the camera icons.

Screenshots are now automatically taken for Hanamikoji, Keltis Card, Level X, Keltis Ór, Raging Bulls on top of Lost Cities and Finito.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 28/05/20, 02:30pm
2020/05/28 Replay feature

All matches that have been recorded (online games only) are now available to replay. To access the feature, click on a player's profile, then look at their game history. A small arrow pointing right is shown next to the screenshot icon. Click on the arrow and then choose the player you want to watch playing! This will lead you to the game in replay mode
In the replay interface, you can move one move at a time, or 2, 4, 12. You can also ask to play the game till the end.
There is not "Move back" button. To go back, you'll need to change the move you want to go to and click on OK. This will replay the game quickly until the point you want to reach.
At any point, you can change the speed of the replay. If you go from very slow to fast, please give one second or two to the interface to complete the latest animation at slow speed before the rest is played faster.
You need to be logged in to replay a match.
Older games have been recorded.
Replaying games is free, but this may change over time.

The navigation buttons have a new color scheme. Let us know if this makes reading difficult.

On the game page, there is now a home button to get to the menu page more easily. Mostly useful in tutorial and training modes.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 29/05/20, 06:09pm
2020/05/29 Screenshots for Circle The Wagons

We are now offering screenshots for Circle The Wagons.
Let us remind you that all screenshots are archived and available to see from the match history (click on any player's profile).
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 01/06/20, 04:46pm
2020/06/01 Screenshots for all games

Screenshots are now available for all games. Migrato, Glastonbury and Siberia card were added.

We made all cards of Glastonbury lighter so that the illustrations are easier to distinguish. You may need to hit Ctrl-F5 to force a refresh of the images. If not, the update may take up to 30 days to be displayed on your browser.

We also changed the way the game page is structured a bit. Let us know if you see anything unusual.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 04/06/20, 11:05am
2020/06/03 Various improvements

A "Rules of the game" button is now available on each game menu making it easier to access these rules (they are still accessible from the game page too).

The cookie consent window has been updated to accomodate more languages. As a result you have to give consent again. Sorry about the inconvenience. Nothing has changed.

Finito and Level X pages now show the name and picture of the new version of the game (GPS and Mountain Goats).

In games with small windows, the 3rd column did not display where it should. Instead it was showing below the game board. This is now corrected.

We added a "Match replay" button to the list of options displayed at the end of an online match. This way, you can analyze the game immediately with a single click. Former "Replay" and "Replay (same opponent" buttons are reworded to "Play again" and "Play again (same opponent)" to avoid any confusion.

German translations are updated and complete.

50% of the players will see a new font.
50% of the players will see the old button color scheme.
This is part of our A/B testing process to see what is best for our players. The new font has given good results on the home page and we are now trying it in the menu and game pages.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 08/10/20, 03:06pm
2020/10/06 Release of Cartographers

The award-winning game Cartographers has just been released on the platform.

Special features:
- the game is 2-player only for the moment.
- there is no AI for this game.
- the training mode offers 12 fixed configurations (one for each bot). The bots get special rules (basically extra points) to compensate for their bad play. So in essence, the training mode, while still a 2-player game, is more of a solo game. Its function is to let you familiarise with the 16 edict cards (while having a score to beat). Each edict appears 3 times in the training mode, at different timings (early or late).
- you will need to find a human opponent to play in the online mode. We recommend using the link associated with your table to invite players who are not logged in.
- the first 20 online games are rewarded with 6 rating points each (this is also a consequence of the absence of bots: they are not here to seed the rankings, we need to compensate this to get comparable ratings).
- the game has options to speed up animations (cards or/and scoring).

We are very happy to offer the possibility to play Cartographers online.

Have fun!
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 15/10/20, 09:12am
2020/10/15 Clock in simultaneous play

For Finito and Cartographers, where the players play simultaneously, the clock display stopped after you moved, so you could not see the opponent's remaining time.
This is now fixed.
Nothing was broken before. The display was only somewhat misleading (some players thought things were not quite right and felt the need to refresh the page to get the clock going again).
As a result of the fix, we noticed that if you play a move then refresh the page, the timer will not display the correct value (it will display too much, having basically reset at the time you played). This will be fixed as soon as the server is restarted (which be not be soon).

The mountains in Cartographers were not properly updated on the opponent's board. This is now fixed.

Magic Potion is now glowing on players' name on the game page and in the ranking lists.

Bots now speak "101" again. For a while they showed English instead.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 26/10/20, 11:53am
2020/10/26 Replay feature

Some player information were not correctly reported (Magic Potion, etc.) and displayed the logged player's info instead. This is fixed.
FYI, the meeple of the player, the Magic Potion of the player and the name of the player shown are the current ones, while the rating displayed is the one at the time the match was played.
A tiny glitch in the inn (Magic Potion display) is now fixed.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 26/10/20, 03:32pm
2020/10/26 Screenshots on IE11

IE 11 does not behave like the other browsers. Because of this, the screenshots did not work properly (or at least generated Javascript errors). We have now made the necessary changes and everything should now be fine.
In general, we would advise not to use Internet Explorer which has a history of not following standards. It has certainly improved a lot over the years but it is not quite there yet. We understand Edge is better. Chrome is our preferred browser as the website is developed on it and thus there should not be any unknown glitch on Chrome.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 26/01/21, 10:02am
2020/12/16 HexRoller release

After Cartographers in October, our 13th game HexRoller has been released. It is a nice quick-playing 'Roll & Write' game.
It is offered as a solo game and comes with a series of challenges exactly like for Raging Bulls. The challenges have been designed specifically for Happy Meeple.
We hope you will like HexRoller.
The complete rules of the game are available on the HexRoller rules pages (https://www.happymeeple.com/en/board-games/hexroller/rules/).
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 04/01/22, 05:44pm
2021/12/16 Major upgrade

A major upgrade (server, PHP, Mysql) had to be done as fast as possible following issues with our SSL certificate. As a result the platform was down for 3 days. Fortunately, no major bugs happened after that (which is a bit of a miracle given the amount of changes applied in a very short time).

At the same time, Facebook login has been disabled following repeated difficulties. It was not possible to keep this one-click login feature alive unfortunately. From now on, you can login with the same email address (use the standard login). You can ask for a new password if you have forgotten it. In case the email address that was provided by Facebook when your Happy Meeple account was created is not valid anymore, you will not be able to receive a new password. Please get it touch with us via the contact form and we will sort it out for you. Please let us know your old email, your new one and your full name.

2022/01/04 Ranking lists speed

We have made various optimizations on our ranking to speed them up. Let us know if some of them are still very long (more than 2 seconds).
As you may be aware, rankings for individual games are also available via external pages (no need to be logged in to see them). For example, https://www.happymeeple.com/en/board-games/cartographers/ranking/ (https://www.happymeeple.com/en/board-games/cartographers/ranking/). The speed of these external pages has also been improved. Finally, in the past, inactive and deleted players still showed up in these external pages by mistake. This stands corrected. External and Internal ranking lists should be the same.

Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 01/02/22, 02:50pm
2022/02/01 Minimum ratings for black meeples

Following a review of the ratings required to get black meeples, we have made it easier to get some of the meeples for four games.

Black 6: 1750->1630
Black 5: 1700->1590
Black 4: 1650->1550
Black 3: 1600->1500
Black 2: 1550->1450
Black 1: 1500->1400

Keltis Ór
Black 6: 1750->1700
Black 5: 1700->1660
Black 4: 1650->1620
Black 3: 1600->1580
Black 2: 1550->1540

Black 6: 1750->1680
Black 5: 1700->1640
Black 4: 1650->1600
Black 3: 1600->1550
Black 2: 1550->1500
Black 1: 1500->1450

Circle The Wagons
Black 6: 1900->1800
Black 5: 1800->1720
Black 4: 1700->1640
Black 3: 1600->1560
Black 2: 1550->1500
Black 1: 1500->1450

Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 07/02/22, 08:14pm
2022/02/07 Statistics and high scores

You can now see a list of statistics and high scores for all games.

- average scores (per player position and rating range)
- average win rates (per player position and rating range)
- high scores
- high losing scores
- low winning scores
- top rated matches
- latest top rated matches

For all tables, when a minimum rating is indicated, it means that both players must have this minimum rating for a match to be considered. So, for example, in the averages table, the row >1500 takes into account all games where both players had over 1500 at the start of the game.

Matches with the weakest bots have been excluded everywhere except in the averages table.

Some earlier matches (from 2012-2013-2014) were excluded because we did not record either scores or ratings.

You can have direct access to screenshots of the match as well as replays, provided they were recorded. Screenshots and replays were available from march 2018.

See here the stats and high scores for Cartographers: https://www.happymeeple.com/en/board-games/cartographers/stats-high-scores/ (https://www.happymeeple.com/en/board-games/cartographers/stats-high-scores/)

I am sure this will answer many questions. Have fun with all this good data!
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 24/02/22, 02:32pm
2022/04/22 Paymentwall is removed

The payment methods provided by Paymentwall were not used much and now seem unreliable. We have decided to remove the option.
Title: Re: List of updates
Post by: Jimmy V. on 02/03/22, 06:15pm
2022/03/02 Facebook share button

Sharing a news or a link on Facebook was not working anymore. It is now fixed.