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Hello everybody!
Since it worked well to discuss the "shadows" in Lost Cities ('shadow'-on-played-tiles/msg1120/#msg1120), I want to collect feedback about other games as well.
I personally think the new animations are distracting in a lot of games and should be altered to be less hectic. But maybe other players see things differently?

In Finito for example, the blinking is really distracting. I like that the possible spots on your board are now marked in red, it's better visible than the former green. But the blinking is too distracting, the way the spots are marked on the opponent's board is much better. Especially when all numbers are on the board and you have to move them, it is really distracting that every number plus the red marks are constantly blinking.
In Keltis Cards, I also think there is too much "movement". The white rings around the cards I can choose help somewhat to see all the options. But the blinking is just too much. Espcially when you choose a card from your hand, the blinking of every possible spot you could move that card to is way too hectic.

I'm looking forward to reading other player's opinions on the new design!

Hi guys,
I just had a weird bug when playing Siberia and was told to report it in the forum.
For my turn I drew cards, when the stack contained 0 cards. The game continued as if I received cards, but they were never shown to me. I did not see them in my hand cards. The spots where the freshly drawn cards should have been were blocked though, cards I received afterwards were arranged right of the blocked (empty) spaces. I could not see or click the phantom cards. Otherwise the game continued normally.

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