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So I noticed the other day that in Lost Cities I have never beaten the White Meeple.  My ranking wouldn't allow me to play the White Meeple (or so I presume), so how am I able to 'beat' all 12 meeples for Lost Cities?  Should I lose intentionally so that I can be paired with one? 

Please feel free to delete this topic once my question is answered!

Updates?  Curious more than anything!

Can't wait for the changes!

Let me start by saying that you are doing a GREAT job with all of this.  I can't really think of a way to do it better and I know what you are doing is really tough!  I just like to voice my likes of the game in hopes they can become reality.

As for the wood background... get rid of it if you don't like it!  Or moreover, get rid of it if it isn't enhancing other aspects of the game. 

As for the music:  Honestly for me it isn't a huge issue.  I find the music a bit odd but I spend most of my time playing while listening to other music or I am at work with no sound at all!

Yes, that is what I mean by 'panoramic art'.  If you overlap them you get one image that gets closer to the object on the 10 card.  And the object on the 10 card is a picture hanging on the wall for the $$$ (expedition) cards.

Point illustrated on link:

Great reading.  I am excited by this because, as you already know, Lost Cities is the primary game I play here.  I hope the panoramic art can make it on, but I understand these things aren't easy and won't stop playing if it can't make it on!  I have always liked that the expedition cards have had the 'object of desire' and the 10 have the same object in full view.  Just a really cool flavor aspect of the game. 

As for the original game board, I suppose it has always been there, but in the new version it looks more complete?  I don't know if I can make sense of this.

So far so good!  I love the incorporation of the actual game board!  Will you be doing the panorama card art too?  The art on the cards has always been a nice touch of flavor.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 25/01/16, 01:48pm »
I like both for different reasons. 

I like Bots because they make faster moves.  If I just want a fast game, I know I am not going to wait 2 min per move.  Conversely, I like the 10 min move time if I need to step away from my PC for a min.  Essentially bots give you a known and very structured game pace.

I like playing humans for the interaction and the variability in game play (bots are very predictable).  However, you do have the potential to sit down with a slower player at which point you are stuck in a slow game (and worse if they aren't particularly chatty) 

I also suppose I don't like the issue of playing a game (that somewhat centers around luck) against someone with a much lower ranking.  You loose too much and it doesn't necessarily depend on how you play.  However, the ranking isn't so important that I would opt to not play a human if available.

In summary:  I like BOTH!  No complaints here!   ;D

I have the Original and the India expansion.  It's a great family game.  Simple to learn, easy to learn strategy.  Great game around the holidays. 

Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 22/01/16, 02:26pm »

My name is Mike and I live in the US (Ohio).  I do research in the field of microbiology.  I am married with 1 child (more to come).  I love board games, card games, etc.  Magic the Gathering is my #1 choice when gaming with friends, but really I'll try anything.  On this site, I love to play Lost Cities (which I also own and play with my wife regularly)

Happy Gaming!

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