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I don't prefer it.  I've played a bit with it now.  To say I am getting used to it is a bit misleading.  I still don't like it/think it adds anything, but I don't find it as annoying.  Hope this helps and doesn't sound too harsh.

Side question: What were the issues/comments/reasons for adding the white backlight?

I totally agree!  I tried to post a similar idea and it seemed to go nowhere.

I don't know what is in the works... or how hard this would be to implement, but I'd like to one day see more 'customization' options for your village.  I found it exciting at first, but it has lost its luster.  Maybe seasonal items to add with points (Halloween, Christmas)?  Or other trivial buildings that you 'unlock' by hitting certain game achievements. Say the Black 6 meeple for each game earns you a pond, park, pub, etc.  (One per game) 

I guess my suggestion is to have more ways to earn Kings Favors.  I mostly play Lost Cities and have already earned most of the possible Favors.  I suppose I could learn a new game, but I enjoy Lost Cities a lot and use it to fill downtime at work.  I like the idea of customizing the map, but I feel like the current way to earn points is at a ceiling for me.

Gold, Magic potion / Re: 2nd Guess & Win Magic Potion
« on: 19/05/16, 01:19pm »

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on the Daily Meeple
« on: 05/05/16, 07:22pm »
And now its all the smaller of the fonts. 

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on the Daily Meeple
« on: 05/05/16, 06:58pm »
I quite like the concept of 'The Daily Meeple', but perhaps it could be moved to the bottom?  I know fewer people will access it, but the alternative is that it is still there for those who do!

As for the format 'issues' we (myself and Jimmy) discussed earlier... the font gets weird on some log-ins.  Here is an example of non-uniform font sizes and no way to adjust them.  (Also included as an attachment and colored out friend names)

Indeed very interesting.  I have thought on this topic quite a bit and have my own opinions (I call them this because I have very little evidence to support them) which are much too lengthy for me to post today. 

Great read!

They are both good names... but Daily Meeple edges out on top in my opinion!


Happy Meeple community / Re: Proper behaviour
« on: 15/04/16, 05:17pm »
I'd have to say for me that I am extremely reluctant to sit down with a new player.  The games, as said, DO have a fair amount of luck involved, and therefore the 'more experienced' player can easily lose a lot of points due to luck of the draw, while the flip side in winning yields so few points. 

So on that note: Welcome new player, I am always happy to see people expanding thier gaming horizons.  And rest assured that most 'experienced' players will not 'newb farm' on this site.  Quite the contrary.

Happy Meeple-ing! ;D

Lost Cities / Re: Comments on Lost cities makeover
« on: 05/04/16, 06:55pm »
New interface rocks! 

I love board games.  I will try any one once!

Totally worked!  Thanks again!

Oh thanks for the suggestion!  I'll give it a try!

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