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FAQ - Online play
« on: 12/01/16, 01:29pm »
Frequently asked questions about online play:

What is the time limit for online play?
Against other player, The time limit is 2 minutes per move.
Against a bot, the time limit is 10 minutes per move.

How do I play against a friend?
It is quick and easy.
You need to go to the inn. Open a new table from there. Then select the option to limit the table to your friend. You will see a little keyhole on the table. Only your friend will be able to access it.
Then there are two options:
1) Your friend has access to the inn. He can join the table by clicking the "Join" button.
2) Your friend does not have access to the table in the inn yet (he has no account yet or does not have any meeple or does not have the white meeple for that game). Then you need to share a link to the table with him. Read more here.

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