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What do all the bot names mean?

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Crapi Z.:
I know this is an old thread, but it said suggestions were welcome so...

Lobotomo is a fun name. An alternate version in the same theme but with a French twist (sorry if this is terrible in actual French, I am not French!):

Le Bot Ami

…it obviously sounds even more like lobotomy, and it seems appropriate for a bot that plays in a very 'friend'ly manner. To be blunt, I might like Lobotomo more, but I wanted to share the thought.

Other 'bot' names I like are:
Jaboticaba - a fruit bearing tree
Phlebotomist - person who collects blood for examination, but also the term used in the archaic practice of bloodletting
(The) Abbot - has connotations of seriousness and importance (sounds tougher with 'The')
(The) Botcher - a blend of being a screwup and sounding like butcher (sounds tougher with 'The')
Burbot and Turbot - both are fish (great if you ever set up a game with 2 bots, especially if 2v2)
Botfly - nasty little buggers
Sabot - a wooden shoe (but I wouldn't give up the excellent Saboteur to use Sabot)

On a different thought, and not that anyone asked - the current bot names seem out of order to me. I figure they should be in increasing order of how menacing or difficult they sound. Given that I would sort them like this:


Also, I am not a fan of the bot names Botiful, Botero, Bot-Dog, or Ghbost. I suggest replacing them (whether you use names from my suggestions or not). And I don't like having Botulis AND Botox (since they are derivatives of the same root), so I would replace one of them. I'm not sure which though, they're both good in different ways. Maybe keep Botulis since it's a little more subtle.

So, putting that all together, here's a new list - with my dislikes removed, my favorite suggestions *replacing them, and again in order of how menacing or difficult they sound...

*The Abbot

This sorting order also ends up with thematic pairs. 2 bots that are harmless, 2 that give you something (for better or worse), 2 from academia, 2 that are kinda gross, 2 that are dangerous but manageable, and 2 that have a sense of deep authority.

Yes, I spent way too much time on this.


P.S. I couldn't get any of the emojis (from the row just above the text entry box) to work while entering this post.

Florian K.:
A bunch of fun names  ;D. I loved to read through them, trying to find the meaning before reading it. There is definitely potential for a lot of names with "bot".

Burbot, Abbot, Phlebotomist, and Botcher are my favorite suggestions from Crapi Z. The others are more obscure. Can we please use them? Preferably in the place of Bot-Dog (which I've always hated), Ghbost (really? who made this one?), Botox, and Botiful.

Alex B.:
They may need to add extra boys that can actually play cartographers well. Maybe keep the old boys and use the new names for new boys.

Guillaume =):
For my opinion, the best bot should be named Usain Bot!! Extremely hard to beat for a gold medal...  ;)


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