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Normally I would never get in the middle of a discussion between an admin and a user as the admin has the right to operate the site as he/she sees fit. But to say the chat is not a playground missing the purpose of the whole website. This is an amusement website. Don't miss that point. Also, admins should realize they may lose a customer and their friends (or even others who agree with the individual being banned) when they ban someone from anything. Alex B. is a senior member and that should be considered as well. Honestly with all the new admins (some of whom just like to "wield the power") I think the site owners are loosing control of it. I am in no way condoning disrespecting others or or using profane language in the chat. But after Alex B.'s explanation his ban should have been lifted and he should have been given an explanation as to what to do the next time he wants to bring up profanity to an admin. Senior admins please monitor your junior admins.  Thanks.

My apologies.  It’s not training. It’s challenges & tutorials. When you select challenges & tutorials, the choose a challenge screen shows how many stars you have gained for each challenge (in orange or red.) Gray stars show tutorials that you have not received any stars for.  Locks show locked challenges.  When you are in a tutorial or challenge you can get up to three stars.  Once in a tutorial or challenge, the number of stars you get is related to your final score.  The chart showing the number of points needed is at the top on the right above your name.  Once you get stars for a specific tutorial you only get additional stars if you exceed the number of stars you already have.  For example if you gained two stars on specific challenge the first time, if you play that same challenge again you will not get additional stars unless you get the score that corresponds to three stars, at which time you will gain one additional star and the two stars that showed on the choose a challenge screen will change from two to three. I hope this helps and doesn't make it even more confusing.

Stars are gained in training.

While I appreciate your addressing Adri D.'s game start situation, there was no comment on the recent frequent loss of internet connection reported by Adri & Eva.  I am on MS I.E. and have been experiencing this for the last two weeks or so.  I've been living with it, but it starts to get annoying when you have a goal of successive wins and are about to get that last needed win when you lose connection and have to start your successive wins goal all over again.  I just got disconnected towards the end of a game (less than ten cards left in the deck) of Lost Cities after just drawing my card with 1:06 left on my two minute timer.  So this has nothing to do with timing of clicking buttons. I'm hoping you are still investigating this.

Mary - Huggable has it right as far as I'm aware.  However you can never have more food than your max, so if you are already at your max you will not see the harvest option.  If you are near your max you will see options to harvest up to your max.  Also, after you seed and before you harvest you should weed.  This is supposed to make your field grow faster.  Lastly, your granary doesn't last forever.  My first one just got too old to produce a few days ago.  I think it lasted somewhere between two and three weeks, but I don't know how it actually ages, calendar days or how by often you play.

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