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There is the "inactivity" mechanism on the rankings.  If you don't play for a while, you lose xx many points.  I have recently gone back and played every game, but if memory serves me right the one I hadn't played in a long while had me at -100 points which dropped me significantly in the ranks.

You should be able to see this if you look to the left where the ranking calculations are done.   Pick a game you haven't played in a long time.

In other words - if you don't play your ranking WILL drop.

Migrato / Re: Problem during column cleanup
« on: 07/02/18, 05:58pm »
Yours is an interesting point.  I don't remember this cleanup action of clearing other columns having happened in the past, but just the other day I returned to play Migrato after a long absence and noticed this cleanup behavior.

I call it interesting, because I couldn't find it in the rules where this cleanup behavior is supposed to occur in any column besides the one being matched.  By my read of the rules, the cleanup of other columns shouldn't occur, and thus the Teal should have been left.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 18/01/18, 05:02am »
How about the ability to use Google translate to instantly translate other languages into the native language.  This function is available at and I really enjoy being able to speak (mostly clearly) to folks in other languages.  This functionality helps build communities within the chat session.

Yes there is a limit.  Perhaps the developer will chime in with the exact number, but I think it is between 6-8 times.

I suspect the admins are happy about this situation, as it would be an encouraging sign.  No?

Happy Meeple community / Re: for North-American players
« on: 03/07/17, 09:37pm »
I clicked on Agricola.  My ip address setup is a bit complicated, but I should be back in the States on a more permanent basis soon.

I don't have the opportunity to buy anything for the moment.  Is there a recommended way to always buy stuff thru the happy meeple site that we should follow to help support?

Screen shots of the error can be of great use if you get a chance - even if they are too big to post, you would get the exact error syntax.

Press Shift-Command (⌘)-3 on a mac  or    Press Shift-Command-4. The pointer changes to a crosshair and you can capture a part of the screen

For windows, crtl + printscreen

Lost Cities / Re: Wrong Area Highlighted
« on: 04/05/17, 07:32pm »
So if you click on that area, can you actually place a card there? 

Also have you tried to clear your browser's cache / cookies at all?  This often resolves a recurring issues like this.

If you tell me the browser you're using, I can provide instructions on how to do it if you're not familiar with the process.

Keltis the card game / New screen with ad
« on: 20/04/17, 04:10pm »
Here's a strip of my screen so you can see the blank space.  I think that blank on the right is what makes everything see smaller.

Glastonbury / Re: New game: Glastonbury
« on: 23/03/17, 08:48am »
I'm glad I could help out!  Thanks for the ongoing great work!

Glastonbury / Re: New game: Glastonbury
« on: 22/03/17, 06:29pm »
So I was trying to play, tonight and started to chat with my opponent and then the error messages kept popping up and up.  Started getting about 50 Send error codes.

How about the ability to customize the trees in the town to decorated Christmas trees ?  or maybe even flashing lights on the houses? 

I could even see this as being different for each holiday.  Just an idea, but it might make it a bit of fun for all.

P.S.  You could could even run a contest for each country to submit a holiday for decorations.

Will it be a worker placement game?

Level X / Re: Level X errors.
« on: 19/09/16, 02:03pm »
So it was an ongoing issue.  Solution - had to clear Cached Data in Chrome and now it's working fine.  Very unusual that it only affected Level X, and not any of the other pages since I'm assuming all the pages utilize CSS.

Level X / Level X errors.
« on: 19/09/16, 09:20am »
I'm not sure if anyone else is having problems with Level X, but here are some screen shots.

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