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Congratulations !!! (assuming Jimmy certifies you )  though from your level it does appear that you are capable of this feat.

Would you care to share any hints or general strategy to help the rest of us get better at this game?

Circle The Wagons / Re: Potential timer bug?
« on: 10/12/18, 05:34pm »

I did have an opponent who ran out of time today during scoring.  It turns out that he did NOT lose via a time out, but thankfully I beat him score wise.

Using Chrome on a Mac.

1) Keeping the goals always visible would be huge to me.
2) I like the drama (but see my potential timer bug note) I agree people would probably give up sooner if they saw the point difference, and I think the scoring could change dramatically if cards are placed over top each other.  Don't discourage folks from a come from behind win.
3) Yes Definitely!
4) I like that it keeps the right orientation, but find it frustrating that it goes back.
5) I agree it works
6) (have tried on my windows PC running Chrome and it's fine there too)
7) Another vote for Cow always on top would be best.  I've been really excited a couple of times to only realize the other player had the better score :)

Circle The Wagons / Potential timer bug?
« on: 07/12/18, 06:48pm »
Greetings!  I'm loving the new game!

I did notice during my match today w Daniel I., that it appeared during the scoring phase, the timer kept counting down on him.  In most of the other games the scoring happens immediately and no big deal.

CtW is such a brain burner, I see myself and opponents using up alot of our allotted time to plan moves.

Daniel was down to 10? seconds and then the scoring occurred and while I was very interested in the scoring, it appeared that the timer was still counting down and got down to 4.  It would be a shame for a player to lose a game if their time ran out DURING the scoring phase.

I'd be glad to run down some test scenarios with an admin to see if the behavior I thought I observed was actually occurring and COULD impact a player.  (It should be pretty easy to re-create)

Interesting...  leche = milk in Spanish and I always thought it was a play on words as  a baby drinks milk and thus it would be a "baby bot"

It looks fun, but I'm a bit on the thrifty side.  If the price point were lower, I'd jump at it for a quick game to play with my son.

"Major part" as in taking over the world Skynet style....  :)

Is it a card based game?

Lost Cities / Re: Bug: tiles showing clear
« on: 27/04/18, 08:02pm »
Windows 10. Desktop.
Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181

Wired connection.
Stable connection.

Only grey cards were clear.  Crtl f5 fixed it.

Then during the match when my first green card showed in my hand it was clear.  Ctrl f5 fixed it again.

Lost Cities / Re: Bug: tiles showing clear
« on: 15/04/18, 05:36pm »
The Crtl+f5 doesn't work for me on a Mac with Chrome 65.0.3325.181  installed.

The transparent cards only happened twice to me.  All the cards on the screen were transparent.

I have a very fast and usually stable internet connection.

Been on holiday over the past week or so, but thought I'd toss in my two cents.

Windows 10, 16 GB of RAM, and high end video card.  Chrome 64.0.3282.186

Finito -  Very much liked the flashing numeric on the number board.  Could do without the animated dice. Die was distracting.

Hana -  I enjoyed the animated increased speed.  It makes this game more enjoyable to play.  I didn't realize it before, but the slowness is a reason, I didn't play it more.

Lost Cities -   I like the faster speed.  The white highlight around the card was ok.  I think I prefer the old style just a bit better thought.

Level X =  Liked the enhanced speed.

Glastonbury - Like the enhanced speed again.  No problems with the cards or animations.

Migrato - Again like the enhanced speed.  No problems with the cards.

Keltis Cards - Spinning cards was over the top.  Very distracting.  Didn't like the X's It almost made unsure where cards were supposed to go.  The flashing white circles were OK, but coupled with the other items, it made me not want to play this game again.

Siberia Card just hurt my eyes.   It was like viewing a dying monitor or one running 60 hz in the old days.  Did not appreciate the yellow eyes on the cards.  It was so painful, I only lasted 30 seconds and couldn't continue.  I love this game, but can't play again unless it's fixed. :( 

Keltis Or - found the sounds amusing, and appreciated the extra speed.  Personally didn't care for the dancing dice, but could see where some folks might like it.


While traveling I did try and play happy meeple on my phone (Android w/ chrome).  It wasn't a great experience, but the worst thing was that when I accidentally downswiped the game would go thru a repeat playthru phase.  It became VERY annoying and I gave up.

Tutorial, training, online play / Re: Forfeit Option
« on: 22/03/18, 05:35pm »
While I've certainly had my share of misclicks, and other times when I know I'm going to lose, I think the easiest way to forfeit is just to close the browser window and start a new game or even better yet just click the back button on the browser.

As a bonus you're at the screen where you might even get to pick a bonus card at the bottom

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 28/02/18, 10:12pm »
Hi there! I just came across a need and thought I'd share in hopes it will become a feature.

I wanted to message two folks some information at the same time that they both should be able to comment on.  I discovered that I can't open private chat with 2 people.  (or maybe I don't know how :)   )

While the community chat is fine for some stuff, I don't want to spam it with personal info or there I times, when I would just like to chat with a small group of players.

Groups or group chats might be the way to go?

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on new bonus cards
« on: 23/02/18, 07:26pm »
I'l log another vote for I'm not sure why you need the extra click. 

I did notice it that it only counts if you click on the card.

Unless it has something to do with click counts though on the website and traffic generated for ad revenues, I prefer the one click.  It does help to get the bottom advertising banners seen better though.

SEPARATE ASIDE < me thinking out loud> : 

The other thing I'll share, and I'm not 100% set in my feelings about it, but part of me seems a bit irked about the whole thing.  It seems a bit gimmicky to me.  I know I've been proud of the gold I've "earned" thru completing quests and challenges and now to just have to click button a couple of times, and I've gotten the same amount of gold, and somehow that seems off putting.

If it's for the betterment of the site, and to help you pay for hosting such a fun platform, I'll accept that, and be glad that you can keep providing the service you do, but if it's just there to give an easy path, well then, I'm not as happy about it.

If it leads to something more interesting down the road, I'm all for it.

So that's my 2 cents as they say here in America.  I hope I haven't offended anyone, and have shared in a respectful manner.   :D

Well done!  and I only offer this extra hint since you surprised me by admitting that English wasn't your first language -

Almost always, "his" can be replaced with "their" to be even more neutral.

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