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Jimmy V.:
There was a tiny bug in the "Circle The Wagons" goal card. If an empty territory was surrounded by 4 wagons, 5 points were not awarded.

This is now corrected. An empty territory in the middle is fine in that case.

Many thanks to Hartmut who let us know about the issue!

Jeanbastien K.:
Is a bug in point counting at the end of the game ? for RR : revolver and castel next to each other make two points.
Est-ce un bug dans la comptabilisation des point à la fin ? RR : c'est la règle que les revolvers et les châteaux  font 2 points quand ils sont à coté.

A voir l'image en fichier joint.
See the joined picture.

Thanks for any answer bye bye.
Merci pour toutes réponses.

Jimmy V.:
I don't think there is a bug. You need to count the number of forts next to a gun, not the number of guns next to a fort.

So 2 and 4 here, for 4 and 8 points.

Thanks for asking!

Jeanbastien K.:
yes it is ! thanks !


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