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FAQ - Gold
« on: 12/01/16, 02:47pm »
Frequently asked questions about gold purchase:

What can I do with gold coins?
First, you can unlock some bots. You don't need to though. They unlock automatically as your online rating goes up. If you can't wait or if you can't get a good enough online rating, then you can unlock the remaining bots. This will allow you to complete the bot challenge (=beat all bots).
Then you can buy Magic Potion with gold. Magic Potion lets you play without food restriction (among other benefits). It is a bit like a subscription to Happy Meeple. If you like Happy Meeple and want to play more, please get Magic Potion!
Finally, gold coins allow you to buy resources (wood, bricks, stone) to build extra buildings (granaries, grocery, roads). These buildings improve your world and the quantity of food you produce and store. If you don't want to get Magic Potion, build these building, they will definitely help you.

What is the number of days indicated in the payment window?
It is magic potion that you can get with the purchase. Of course, you can use the gold coins to get resources. You don't have to spend them on magic potion.

Do I need to buy gold coins?
There are many way to earn gold coins and many more ways to earn gold. You don't need to buy gold coins. However, if you want to play more, a few extra coins can be very helpful.

What payment method should I use?
Paypal is very popular with our players. However if you are looking for a specific way of purchasing gold coins, then Paymentwall is the way to go. They offer many many options like prepaid cards or mobile payment.

About our payment methods
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