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HexRoller / Hex Roller Highest Score
« on: 01/10/21, 01:53am »
Curious what's the highest score you achieved in Hex Roller. After 250 rated games, my highest score is 82.

Cartographers / Cartographers Tournament!
« on: 08/04/21, 01:28am »
We are excited to host a Cartographers tournament! The tournament structure will be a best out of three games with a fourth match to settle third match ties. If you'd like to join, please click the below link to sign up.

Once you complete the sign-up form, we'll email you a formal invitation to join our bracket hosting site as we get closer to the tournament start date. Please encourage your fellow Meeples to join and feel free to forward/promote the tournament!

We will look to begin matches around April 18th.


Nate P (Commissioner)

Siberia the card game / Bug in Siberia
« on: 20/07/20, 12:23am »
Towards the end of the game: 7/19/2020 7:05:06 PM, my opponent passed, and the game would not let me make a move at all. I ended up losing the game to a much lower ranking player when I most certainly would have won. Internet was totally fine with no lost connections.

Definitely encourage the coding team to review this.

Curious if anyone else experienced similar?

Siberia the card game / Siberia Deck Makeup
« on: 17/05/20, 06:09am »
Does anyone know the exact makeup of the 60 card deck?

How many cards in the deck for each of the 5 resources?
How many cards of each resource have investors on them?
How many cards of each resource have salesman on them?
How many cards of each resource have workers on them?

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