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Nate P.:
We are excited to host a Cartographers tournament! The tournament structure will be a best out of three games with a fourth match to settle third match ties. If you'd like to join, please click the below link to sign up.


Once you complete the sign-up form, we'll email you a formal invitation to join our bracket hosting site as we get closer to the tournament start date. Please encourage your fellow Meeples to join and feel free to forward/promote the tournament!

We will look to begin matches around April 18th.


Nate P (Commissioner)

Luciano B.:
Great idea, I will participate!

Guest 187639:
I was wondering how the food cost for the tournament games are handled. I haven't been keeping my granaries maintained, so I could play 2 games (22 food) but would have to recharge before a third. I wouldn't want to inconvenience the other player by making them wait.

Nate P.:
If you don't have enough food, you can click on the game you want to play, and Happy Meeple will prompt you to look at an add for 15 seconds and you will get 8 additional food. That should be enough for multiple games, as you can look at the add multiple times.

Alex B.:
I got an invitation to a “challonge”.  Is that just a misspelling of “challenge” or am I being trucked into clicking on a link unrelated to the tournament?


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