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How many possible boards are there at start of play?


Alex B.:
How many board arrangements are there?  Two with chasm and two without?  Which bots are they all paired with in training?  To clarify I mean the board at the start of the game before either player draws a card/plays on the map.

Wait I checked the rules - so there are only two types of maps - with the chasm and without the chasm?  So only two arrangements of mountains and ruins?

Vik L.:
Yes actually, there are only 2 boards.
In the new extension Cartographers: Heroes, there are  2 new boards.

If you are interested by playing more boards with paper and pen, I've made an Excel sheet which randomize the generation of the map

Julien B.:
In the new extension "Hereos" you have 2 new boards.
But from the kickstarter, there will be 3 small boards packs !

So it's more like 10 ;)


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