Author Topic: Why am I banned?  (Read 8214 times)


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Why am I banned?
« on: 13/07/22, 08:32am »
Hello Jimmy V,
in my registered account I am not able to send a message.
Could you please check the situation?

I asked Hugo M about the issue and he said you warned me. This is not the case.
If you wrote an e-mail: I used an email address which is currently not available anymore.
Please let me know.

Best regards.

Jimmy V.

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Re: Why am I banned?
« Reply #1 on: 13/07/22, 09:48am »
If you are the person I am thinking of, I have indeed written to you (wrong email).

Can you please write to us with your previous email and your new email so that we can make the change to your account and send you the relevant information.