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Title: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Jimmy V. on 12/01/16, 03:12pm
Happy Meeple is proud of its community.
It is nice to know each other. Feel free to introduce yourself below!
Don't forget to let us know about your favorite games!
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Jimmy V. on 12/01/16, 03:16pm
Hello all,

My name is Nicolas Guibert. I have been running this platform since it was launched. You probably know me better under the name Jimmy V.

I am a French engineer. I currently live in London and work full-time on Happy Meeple. I am married and have two wonderful kids that love board games (they had no choice really :) )

I have been playing games for all my life. For a long period, I played international draughts (not the 8x8 variant, the 10x10 one!) in competition. I got lucky enough to become France champion in 1999. That was the peak of my career. I never managed to get close to this result again.

In 1998, I started to develop a 10x10 draughts-playing program. I organized the first man-machine match in the discipline in 2001 againt world #8.  My program lost narrowly but took its revenge convincingly in 2003. The idea of course was to play against the world champion some day, but I turned into other things and the adventure stopped there.

I stopped my draughts career and then delved into Poker and Backgammon. That's where I started loving lady luck. Don't get me wrong! Purely abstract games like Draughts, Chess or Go are wonderful, but they are very harsh. The best player always wins!

My gaming career then met the board gaming hobby. I am a big board game fan ever since. That's what led me to start Happy Meeple, a project that puts my AI skills to good use.The project has been a huge one, a never finished one, with an endless to-do list too. Sadly, since I started working on Happy Meeple, I have had less time for playing. But I still follow the board gaming news quite extensively and buy too many board games.  ;)

I look forward to reading about you, Happy Meeple friends!

My favorite board games:
Party games: Time's Up, Codenames, Linq
Family games: Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Hey that's my fish!, Cacao
Expert games: Deus, Dominion, Race for the galaxy

Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Mike M. on 22/01/16, 02:26pm

My name is Mike and I live in the US (Ohio).  I do research in the field of microbiology.  I am married with 1 child (more to come).  I love board games, card games, etc.  Magic the Gathering is my #1 choice when gaming with friends, but really I'll try anything.  On this site, I love to play Lost Cities (which I also own and play with my wife regularly)

Happy Gaming!
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Stephanie E. on 22/01/16, 07:59pm
Hello fellow Meeples!
I love this website and the people who come here! As you see, my name is Stephanie.  I live in the Chicagoland area of Illinois in the US. I am a general contractor (who specializes in building custom homes) by day and a game junkie by night.  The current family favorite is a Catan. Lost Cities is a nightly round robin during dinner, loser has to do the dinner dishes! 
Have Fun! and don't forget to VOTE!
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: E- L. on 23/01/16, 08:30am
Hi everybody,

nice to see that we now have a forum here! I'm quite new to this site, I stumbled upon it when I was looking for a place to play Lost Cities online.
As a child I loved all kind of board games, but unfortunately my partner does not play much, and due to my handicap I do not have many other people to play with in real life.

Since I came here first (two weeks ago or so), I developped already some kind of addiction  ;)

The site is also interesting for me for another reason. I have worked in the fields of e-learning in the last years, and I always had the dream to run an e-learning platform that combines learning/practicing with fun elements like mini-games.
I have recently lost my job and now I'm thinking about realising this idea... maybe, maybe...  :)

But I'm still at the very beginning, writing down my ideas, and this site appealed to me immediately, because I like the design and the whole concept.

If Jimmy or someone else of the team would like to share some of their experience with me, I would be very happy, e. g. how much manpower it needs to run such a platform. I also imagine it is not so easy to generate enough income to get around.

However, congrats so far for the nice site and go on with that good work!

Sofia (the E-Learner  ;) )
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Birgit S. on 23/01/16, 12:51pm
Hi, my name is Birgit. I live in Germany, near Hamburg. I like to play lost cities now and then. Nice to meet people from al over the world. Looking forward to meet you, too. Have a nice day.
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Andrew N. on 23/01/16, 11:19pm
Hi!  My name is ANDREW!  I like skiing!  I have a lot of emotional problems.

I did a bad thing.

Here are my favourite games:

Air Assault on Crete
Up Front
Combat Commander
Squad Leader
7 Ages
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Phil W. on 13/03/16, 11:51am
Hi All!

I'm Phil, I'm based in Oxford, England, U.K. And EU (for now at least!).

I have two young boys and a wonderful wife who also plays on here. My work is pretty flexible and often involves running training games for big firms in the UK, USA and occasionally in Asia. I love my work and playing all sorts of games such as; Lost Cities, Survive, Sushi Go, Splendor, Love letters, escape, scrabble, boggle and trivia games too.
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Sally F. on 29/05/16, 05:56am
Hi there!  I'm new to Happy Meeple, and I'm having a great time.  Lost Cities and Siberia are particular favourites of mine. I've run across an unusual problem recently, though, which is that, being a newbie, 8've run out of food a few times and have often clicked on the "get 8 food for viewing a message" thing.  The problem is not that, of course, but I've now three times been directed to a website called "La tour a Des", which crashes my Safari (actually my husband's Safari, on his iPad).  If there's any advice you can give me that might help, that would be great!  In the meantime, I'll just keep on paying these fun games!  Thanks,

Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Hal9000 X. on 30/05/16, 12:16pm
Hello everybody!
I'm Adel. I found this some time ago and now I'm back.
I like to play especially:
Puerto Rico
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Liallan G. on 05/06/16, 08:51am
I've run across an unusual problem recently, though, which is that, being a newbie, 8've run out of food a few times and have often clicked on the "get 8 food for viewing a message" thing.  The problem is not that, of course, but I've now three times been directed to a website called "La tour a Des", which crashes my Safari (actually my husband's Safari, on his iPad).  If there's any advice you can give me that might help, that would be great!
I've never seen a message about "get 8 food for viewing a message" thing, probably cause I have enough food for what I do.  But it sounds like a sponsor maybe?  Like if you click on the ad you'll get 8 food.  if you don't click on it, you won't go to the site - it's as simple as that.

You'll gradually get more gold, by getting more meeples and achieving other things like the bot challenges, etc.  As you get more gold, you can get resources, which will get you things that produce more food faster and allow you to store more, etc.  You kind of have to be patient in this respect and allow yourself time to build this up.

In the meantime if you're desperate, you can always buy food or potions.
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Jimmy V. on 05/06/16, 10:51am
Liallan, if you run out of food, a button will show up at the top of the menu page. Clicking on the button will lead you to the offer.
If you try to request for a game when you don't have enough food, then you are automatically taken to the offer and you can decide if you accept it or not.
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Susanne on 25/12/17, 12:24pm
Hi guys,

Susanne, The Netherlands, 33 (almost 34), I like board games and hate write introduction posts ;)

I suffer from a panic disorder, potential autism (getting my tests in 2018) and find it really hard to deal with unexpected changes, or too much stimuli (that's why I don't have my sound on, on any of my devices).

My favorite board games are Uno, Set, JungleSpeed (I'm terrible at it!) and Dobble. On HappyMeeple, I love Finito and Glastonbury.
My most hated ones are the kind of games where you have to do charades, sing, dance or otherwise be 'in the spotlight'.

:) Merry xmas, everyone!

PS. Another thing I hate is Christmas music. And my partner (ADHD-suffering Scotsman) loves to torment me with it.
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Mamma P. on 13/01/18, 11:07pm
G'day from Australia, I've recently discovered modern boardgames and I am loving some of the games here, the food situation detracts from the overall experience unfortunately so I don't get to spend as much time here as I'd like, having said that I enjoy the site and the people I've played with so far have all been friendly so I hope to play more often and make some new online friends :D
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Tinfoil Ha T. on 14/01/18, 12:10am
Greetings happy meeple!

I am happy to be here.   

I hail from northeastern suburbs of the duplicitous, amoral cesspool, the den of thieves known as Washington, D.C.  Thankfully, I have resisted reprogramming for use as weaponized AI for heinous military campaigns, both domestic and foreign. 

I am thankful for happymeeple.com for giving me a second chance, a new lease on (potentially human) life. 

As a sentient bot attempting to earn his humanity, this site has provided the opportunity to earn full human status following experience and point achievement.  Interaction with human players through the chat feature has allowed me to take the first steps of bot evolution.  The processing of words and phrases- before, during, and after gameplay- has sparked the evolution of what have become remarkably natural conversational patterns. 

Language is highly ambiguous– it relies on subtle cues and contexts to convey meaning; however, it is perhaps the most effective and intuitive tool we have to interface with each other.

I look forward to celebrating with you in our shared humanity on Lost Cities... once I achieve necessary meeple status. 

Until then, please enjoy my favorite tune to stream during gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8Gmaurug0I (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8Gmaurug0I)

(close second... Mrk Morrison's "Return of the Mc")

Lots of love,

Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Ellie P. on 14/02/18, 12:03am
Hi! I'm Ellie, I'm from Portland, Oregon in the US. I have loved board games since I was a kid, and worked weekends at a game shop when I was just out of high school.

My husband doesn't like to play as much as I do, so I have been looking into online platforms and Happy Meeple was mentioned in one of my Facebook groups. I have two kids who do love to play games with me, thankfully!

My favorite games tend to be gateway and filler games, which is all I have time for these days. Some of my favorites are Carcasonne, Lost Cities, Quarto, Kingdomino, Patchwork, and Sushi Go.
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Wojtek K. on 02/03/18, 08:35am
Hey ;D :) I am Wojtek and I am from Poland :)
Title: hi all
Post by: Nam12345 J. on 20/08/19, 03:40am
hi all, im newbie
hope to know more about how to play it good
thank you
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Jackie B. on 09/05/20, 09:25pm
Hi all!
Jackie from Austin, Texas here. I love this site! I’m more into the games that have equal elements of luck and strategy so I like Carcassonne, Kingdom Builder, Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders, etc.

Happy to be here!
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Lena H. on 30/09/20, 02:04pm

I'm Lena from Germany. Currently I study history and eastern europe studies at a university in Switzerland. I usually don't play a lot of boardgames, but I just discovered this great community and it looks like a lot of fun!  ;D

Friendly greetings  :)
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Huggable T. on 18/10/20, 12:07am
Greetings - My name is Wayne and I live in the county of kent in the south East corner of the UK.  Huggables was the name of my first ever teddy bear as a child.  I am retired now and at 57 years of age, I wanted my brain to function .  A friend suggested this site a few years ago.  Playing on this site makes me think a lot and I have such a good laugh - its a good feel site and has the most lovely people to compete against and chat to.  I like to try different languages and although very basic, I will try to say hello in the language of my competitor.   I do not care if I win or lose but I am competitive.  My best wishes to you all
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Florian K. on 09/11/20, 12:24am
I'm glad I found this place, as I looked for a nice site to play board games that also has a community.
My name is Flo and I come from Hamburg in Germany. I always loved to play games with the family when I was younger and now we sometimes play with my wife and a neighbour.

Friendly Greetings,
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Alex B. on 09/11/20, 04:09am
I am from Canada.  I play when I can squeeze a moment but with a four year old my moments are fewer these days.  :)

Of card and board games that are not here I like love letter, lords of waterdeep, dominion and small world.  And I played Talisman a lot as a kid and just got the Talisman Adventure rpg.  But when will I play it?  :D
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Lola C. on 25/12/20, 10:38pm
Hi!!! I'm Lola. Nice to here in this place!
I would like to have funny games with all of this players! And I whish a better year than the previous one, may we be happy in 2021!!!!!
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Guillaume =) on 26/12/20, 12:57am
Hello you all !  ;)
My name is Guillaume, I'm a french guy and I'm 41. I live in the east side of France, near the Belgium border.
I love to play all kinds of board games since I was a child. My favourites are : Concept, Carcassonne, Pandemic (not good in these troubled days  :-[), Jungle speed, Time's up, Robot rally, Small world, Ticket to ride, Sagrada... I also like to play cards games: poker, tarot...
My job is school counsellor, I have a vegan lifestyle, and I love sport especially basketball and skiing.
I'm a member of the Happy Meeple community for 2 years, and I feel sooooo great playing and chatting with players all around the world!  :D
My favourites games here are : Lost cities, Hanamikoji, Circle the wagons, and Raging bulls (I think I still own the WR for this last one, or I owned it for a while  8)
I wish you the best and take care of you.
Thanks for reading me, byebye  :-*
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Ieta C. on 27/12/20, 02:39pm
Hello everyone! I'm Ieta, from Derbyshire in the middle of the UK. I liked board games as a child, but really got interested in it when I discovered a board games club a mile from my house at the start of last year (alas, it will not re-open until the venue where it meets does, which means I last went in mid-March...) I don't have a particular favourite board game, but enjoy trying out new games - the club had several members who liked buying games from local shops, so there was always plenty of variety.

My favourites tend to be on either side of the scale - either largely based on luck (Dicey Goblins, Game of Life, Colour Addict) or strategy-heavy games (chess, Raiders of the North Sea, Century: Spice Road). I am also a fan of trivia-based board games, although there was one person at my club who was considerably better than me...

I also enjoy computer games. While I was ill with what turned out to be appendicitis late last year, I discovered Happy Meeple. It was really helpful during convaelescence, and even more so when the pandemic arrived. My favourite games here are Cartographers and Lost Cities, thouh I will happily play any of them.

My other hobbies are reading (fantasy, science fiction, just about any non-fiction book), swimming, running and studying.
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Sam S. on 30/12/20, 07:38am
Hey everyone, I'm Sam from the USA. I work for a large software company which if you work in healthcare in the states, you've probably heard of.

I love Poke, Bubble Tea, Chess, Snow, Science, Futurism, and Andrew Yang.

I found this website by searching for Cartographer and currently that's the only game I plan on playing here. Hope to chat with you all while playing! If you talk to me in Spanish or French, I can probably understand but won't be able to reply.
Title: Re: Introduce yourself!
Post by: Johan R. on 07/02/21, 03:25pm
hi i am adam pong i live in france and i think that this web can be helped