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Title: Heptathlon!
Post by: Neil S. on 30/04/17, 01:49pm
I'd like to see the 8 games linked in a "Heptathlon" competition each month with corresponding table of high scores for kudos and perhaps a Coin reward for Gold, Silver and Bronze (Top 3 scores).

The idea would mirror the Heptathlon/Decathlon scoring in Athletics. So players would play each game in turn and receive points based on performance in each against a mid-level bot, the pressure to play well mounting as you cycle through the games. The final score would be the total of all scores, giving chance for people to record personal bests and show off their overall skills.
Perhaps they could even get a medal beside their name for the following month? And on their profile?

Any thoughts?   
Title: Re: Heptathlon!
Post by: Guest 134529 on 20/06/17, 12:39am
Sounds like a cool idea!  :D
Would be nice to see.
Title: Re: Heptathlon!
Post by: Jimmy V. on 20/06/17, 11:24am
The first time I looked at this idea, I did not see how to implement it. But after rereading it, maybe there is some way to do something like this with bots only (as you suggest).

Thanks for the proposal!