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Title: Food Cost for Drawn Game?
Post by: Haplo on 02/04/21, 08:28pm
I have been getting an awful lot of draws on here lately. Now, I will ignore my first irritation (that the draws are even possible, or so easy to have happen; imo, a solid game makes a drawn match difficult and has numerous tie breakers). Getting a Draw game is, in the first place, disappointing. But then Happy Meeple forces both players to suffer the full food cost (usually, as I'm sure you all know by now, the winner of a game gets a food bonus). This simply adds insult to injury. Not only do you not win, you also get NO food back.


The easiest fix, imo, is to give a few extra food to both players. Then they won't both walk away so ticked off.
Title: Re: Food Cost for Drawn Game?
Post by: Stephanie W. on 02/04/21, 11:21pm
This makes a lot of sense to me. That way, there's some reward, even if it's half the normal amount one might receive for winning.