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Extend Time to Join a Game


I feel like 10 seconds is not enough time to allow another player to join. Sometimes I am a split-second too late, and the player starts with a bot, instead. In most cases, when I start a game, I would prefer to play against a real person. Is there any way to allow someone to join (if the initiating player enables the feature) up to the point that a game with a bot has actually started?

Geraldine M.:
I also mostly want to play against another human, but I think a minority of players do not feel this way (e.g. the people who repeatedly open a table accessible by link only and then opt to play against a bot once the waiting time has expired). And I think in the main the players who only wait 10 seconds are probably not that keen to play against a human opponent: I tend to wait a lot longer than that if I am hoping for another human player to join me.

So while I share your frustration on just missing out on a game sometimes when I click a second too late, I don't know how popular your suggested feature would be.

Good points. Then perhaps we could at least have some way of indicating our strong preference for a player opponent. Like, maybe when opening a game you can select "human preferred" or "no preference."


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