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Exaggerated AI changes to at least Level X???

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Carl J.:
In the last few days,..  Won 26 IN A ROW. Yep. 8 more than my longest run in 4 years playing here. Then lost around 10 of 15 (My year long magic potion ran out so I can't check it exactly) including this last game a staggering 222 to 137 where there wasn't a single chance of coming close from the first roll.

 I still enjoy it, but the number guy in me is just baffled by it. No need to reply just venting.

Mike A.:
Hahaha. Isn't that the way it goes? I was just feeling the same thing with Keltis Or when I lost something like 6 out of 8. Then I won 15 in a row, lost one, won 21 in a row (my best streak ever) to get me to the highest I've ever been.

You rock at Level X. I'm always happy if I win 7 out of 10. 

(Update: And now one of the worst streaks of all-time to plummet 100+ points. Hehehe.)

Carl J.:
Yep. I should prob change the thread name to "the venting spot" lol.


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