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Title: Disturbing message
Post by: Marlene H. on 10/04/19, 07:15pm
I just had an unpleasant experience.  I logged in through the regular log in (not the facebook - don't have facebook).  After about a minute, maybe more, the page had not finished loading.  So I refreshed the page.

This, now, fully loaded the page.  Ok, so now all is good.  I began to decide which game to choose.  Suddenly, another page replaced the the main menu.  It read:


This page was stopped when you opened Happy Meeple in another window.
Please don't open multiple windows!
Happy Meeple login page "

This was disturbing on two counts.
1. I no longer had a window in which to play.
2. I was being scolded for something I didn't do. 

The angry, and falsely accusatory tone of this message is really unpleasant.  I think you could at least remove the exclamation mark at the end of Please don't open multiple windows!.  But a complete rewording of the message, so that it does not immediately presume "guilt", would be much better.

Thank you for your time and your understanding.
Title: Re: Disturbing message
Post by: Soomin H. on 10/04/19, 07:49pm
I thought this was going to be a creepypasta (scary internet story) XD;;;

I'm sorry this happened to you~ Sometimes there are problems with loading screens and reloading might have confused the server, thus prompting this message~ I don't have the authority to change it, but I'm sorry it upset you. Thanks for posting and hopefully the site owner will be able to change it to something else~ ^.^
Title: Re: Disturbing message
Post by: Carolina B. on 12/09/19, 06:11am
This has already been fixed since I did not have a similar situation. Tested on several windows.