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Eva S.:
Splitting from technical issues thread, since that seems to be something else. For the last week there has been an extreme lag when attempting to use this site on chrome, making it unusable. There was also an increase in disconnection. Switching to Firefox removes the lag (although in general the site is a little glitchy with Firefox and it doesn't interact well with some of the games), but the problem with chrome is still there. I saw other people mention similar issues in the chat, just want to make sure you're aware that it's not an isolated incident.

Jimmy V.:
Well, I am on Chrome and don't see anything wrong (apart maybe 1 or 2 seconds too many when logging in).

I have not received tons of complaints although I have seen a few lately. Not sure where to look.

Thanks for the heads up!

Anyone else?

Eva S.:
This is on an Android mobile phone, if that helps.

Lena H.:
I also play on chrome and it works fine. The only problems I have are linked to my laptop that isn't always keeping up, but the connection seems good.

I hope you'll figure out a way to stop the lag!

John S.:
I use chrome a lot and I've had no problems with lag.  Are other websites slow/laggy?  It could be it's just more noticeable on happy meeples due to the nature of how we interact with it.  Perhaps the lag is also happening, just less noticeably, on other websites?  Some plug-ins can cause lag.  In particular there are a few anti-virus type plug-ins that can cause it (in which case you could update it or try a different one).  I'd suggest turning off the plug-ins one by one and see if that makes any difference to responsiveness.  Your favorite search engine is your friend here.  Perhaps searching keywords "chrome" and "lag" might yield some good tips for fixing that?  Chrome is so popular that I think if it were a problem with happy meeples and chrome, a LOT of us would be lagging.  However, there's a whole zoo of plug-ins and whatnot in the world which make every browser a little more unique.  I'd suspect a plug-in before any specific website.


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