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Best Broken Road?

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Lieven D.:
I've got them all and it helped me win the game against the best player at the moment (thanthamthomap).

Hugo M.:
Hi, I managed to fill 10 diagonals today for the first time. Just one field ist missing! argg

--- Quote from: Alex B. on 16/12/20, 06:57am ---I did it!  33 points for a perfect broken road on all 11 diagonals.
And never mind the monsters in my top right corner.  They have their side of the map and I have mine.  :D
--- End quote ---
Alex: I love your comment!! - the same at my board

Jimmy V.:
Ah Ah! Love the monsters in the top-right!

Just don't go there, that's all.  ;D

PS: glad to see the screenshot feature being used.

Lukas D.:
I managed to fill all 11 rows in training mode!
Granted, because of the bots programming I didn't have to worry too much about covering monsters, but I was still proud :D

Hugo M.:
finally accomplished the 11th diagonal   ;D


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