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Adding an “are you sure?” feature?


Alex B.:
I have noticed that when playing on my phone the pieces shift over just as I hit the green checkmark  ✅.  Would it be possible to add some “are you sure?” confirmation step to cartographers  like you have in hex roller?

Jackie B.:
I second this request. The piece shifting has happened to me on multiple occasions.

Jimmy V.:
Could you be more accurate?

You place the shape, it goes somewhere. You go to click the validation button and by the time you do it, the shape has moved?

I am not completely sure how we could fix that. An extra "Are you sure?" seems too much. There is surely a better way to deal with the issue. Maybe we could disable the OK button if the shape has moved in the last 300ms or something.

In the short term, maybe zooming in may help lower the frequency of this happening? The bigger the grid, the more chance you have to be correctly placed with no rounding effects.

May I ask what phone you are playing on? Are they fast or old/slow?

Alex B.:
I am playing on an iPhone SE (small and old). Zoom helps but I have to do it each move. And yes, sometimes when I don’t Zoom, the shape shifts when I hit the green ✅.

A delay might help. I was thinking of the extra step you have in hexroller so that the ✅ is not so close to the shape itself.

Jimmy V.:

We have made a small change to the code today. Hopefully this will improve the situation.
Please let us know immediately if anything goes wrong.

If the issue is not resolved, can you please answer these questions?

1) Does it happen only after rotating or flipping a tile, or even when using the piece in its original configuration?
2) Does it happen only with certain pieces?
3) Most importantly does it always happen after validating (meaning it is the click on the button that triggers the piece shift) or also before validating the move?


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