We have selected the very best of modern board games for you.
You cannot go wrong with any of these games.
They are all hightly rated. Most of them won awards.
So treat yourself or your loved ones!
Lost Cities
Do we need to present Lost Cities? The most popular game on Happy Meeple.
Catan 5th edition
The best-seller that shook the gaming world in 1995. The Silicon Valley loves it.
Colt Express
A very fun family game for western lovers. Bandits have all decided to rob a train at the same time!
A nice puzzle game that tests your dexterity. Move the marble around the sphere!
Terraforming Mars
A critically acclaimed game about making Mars inhabitable. Expert game.
This party game is pure genius. 25 words on the table. Each spy-master gives clues to his team-mates for them to guess the right words.
Ticket to Ride
The perfect family game. Everyone likes it. Quick pace and simple rules.
Race For The Galaxy
A great game with enormous depth. Beware! This is an expert game.
Machi Koro
Roll the dice, earn money, build new buildings, roll the dice, earn money... Kids love this fast-paced game!
A superb super-fast tile-laying game. Build your little kingdom in minutes!
Ticket to Ride Europe
The European version of the family game brings new rules like stations, ferries, tunnels.
Agricola Family Edition
Build your farm in this acclaimed worker placement game
King of Tokyo
Roll the dice to fight the other monsters!
7 Wonders
Build your civilization in 20 turns. 7 wonders is a draft game which means you pass the cards around each time taking only one.
An engine building game. Build your economy as quickly as you can and be the first to gather 15 points.
Memoir 44
A wargame with simple rules.
Move your merchant around the city to be the first to get 5 diamonds! It's a race!
A classic and fast-flowing game. Build your palace better than other players!
A clever 2-player puzzle game. Build your patchwork in a smart way! Simple rules.
A very popular and nice-looking 2-player game
Chicken Cha Cha Cha
A fun memory game. Little ones love it.
7 Wonders Duel
The award-winning 2-player version of 7 wonders plays in 30 minutes for an each time different experience.
A city-building game. Compete with other players to build the best city.
This fun tile-laying game is a classic. Meeples inside!
Dominion 2nd edition
With this great game, the deck-building genre was invented.
A Happy Meeple's favourite. Develop your tribe and conquer lands. Lots of depth with relative simple rules.
A gorgeous game. Will you stay on the airship for a bigger reward or play it safe?
A very nice party game where you try to let other players find your hidden word with images.
The beautiful Happy Meeple card game.
Forbidden Island
A cooperative game where you need to find 4 treasures and escape the island before it disappears beneath the sea.
A cooperative game with a scary theme. Beat the diseases before they kill the human race!